Monday, October 26, 2009

One exposed cover-up story

A large crater in a field in northern Latvia, claimed to have been caused by a meteorite, now have been exposed as a hoax. Swedish own Telecom Company Tele2 have come out and admitted they staged this scam in order to send out a “positive” thing other than the economic dilemma the country currently is experiencing.

The wide crater wasn’t caused by an impact; instead it was artificially created the day before the government put forward their budget for 2010.

It is hard to read and hear about stuff like this without going “conspiracist”. Was this created as a test to see how people react? Why the perfect coordination with the budget? Why didn’t any media check the story until now? Did someone benefit from this story? And if you check the ownership behind Tele2, more questions can be asked.

The company, however, claim this to be a part of a coming marketing campaign. As a marketer and economists I need to say Bravo to this scheme, brilliant really. It can back-fire though, so the reimbursement of costs for the police etc. cannot be the only “free” stuff coming from Tele2. They need to show they repent, people don’t like to be fooled, well, at least not when they find out they have been fooled.

This is a very interesting event; I hope you think so as well.

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