Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obamageddon in a happy way

A fantastic little tune. Everyone loves those glorious men with stupid answers to a stupid people. All we need to wait for is Obamageddon.

The end of the line! Part II – leftie upraising

Have been roaming around the net today and I noticed, like so many times before, that many demonstrations and organizational committees being formed and even some exchange of information regarding certain attributes used for making things that goes boom. Of course it’s mainly French (who else?) and German socialist coming together in a beautiful harmony of stupidity. These idiots that should be very happy now when the world is heading towards even more socialism than we already have, will, of course, make things worse. I could, of course, mention a wide range of countries that will experience similar groupings doing smaller insurrections in the near future, I could also help the police out (they should keep track themselves, but incompetence is king within law-enforcement around the globe) and point them towards certain sites or groupings, but strangely I lack incentive to do so.

The point I would like to make, however, is that these smaller thingies will not have any real impact on the ruling elite; instead it will strengthen ‘em. Even if almost all people on this planet love socialism, the extremists do not really tickle the normal citizen’s sympathy nerve. There are two consequences that will arise out of some hundreds or thousands of people burning cars, thrashing McDonald’s and throwing stones at the police.

Firstly it means that the highly intrusive laws regarding internet and our personal life gain argument in the eyes of the general public. If the police can use (supposedly, but hardly ever in reality) those regulations to catch one or two potential stone throwers it will work in favor of the elitists. Also it will probably mean that the European Union and certain countries will be more inclined to go enhance and expand surveillance of the populace.

The second consequence is that minor clashes will only create more antagonism between groups. Just imagine if many of those thrashing things are Muslims or black. Imagine a couple of very young guys being shot by the police. Imagine that all burnings and destruction happens in a neighborhood consistent of mainly families and those families get very frightened but also that some of them get hurt. All these examples and many more will put one group against another, a third group against a fourth and so on. Some lefties will love this since it is in their nature to put one cluster of people against another one, but what they don’t understand is that the ones being toughened by this is the government. If groups fight amongst themselves instead of against the enemy class it means that not only can those that rule us impose more restrictions or even martial-law, it also means that less people from the silent majority will side with the lawmakers and seek out their protection. In other words the coming year - when we will see a lot of these events – we will see a decrease in freedom and even worse economic development and in the wake of this comes those funny little men with hysterical answers to a hysterical people.

It is the normal citizen that should rebel and should do it in masses. It is the silent majority that haven’t figured out how deep in shit we really are that should overpower the power structure and make the world to a better place. The lefties will never do that, they want more of the same stupidity that got us into this mess. So if you really want a change, if you really want a free country with another governing structure, please get the knowledge, get the information and be prepared to move before the leftie extremists helps the enemy class ruin what is left of our lives.

The end of the line! Part I – US banks

The number of bank failures in the US this year, so far, is 57 compare with 25 last year. So even if we disregard the 3 bank failures during 2007, the total amount of banks going down during this depression is now 82. The total cost to deposit insurance fund from the failures can now start to be counted in billions. While JP Morgon and Goldman Sachs fiddles with their books and funnels bail-out money to show a nit little profit in a move that would make any cartoon villain green from envy, most of the banks in America are falling down like domino pieces.

One of the “green shoots” we have been hearing about from America is that losses on home mortgages is leveling off, but even if this, in a way, is true; commercial real estate loans remain a hot spot of potential trouble and if the depression keeps on going, defaults on the high-risk loans will go through the roof. Failing banks, failing businesses and stores losing customers means more bankruptcies which in turn mean more defaulting on commercial property. Since many regional banks hold large numbers of those we can soon expect a lot more banks going down when that bubble bursts. So if anyone think that banks in their perticular country is going bad, thats, so far, nothing against the US.

The result of this is not only that the depression continues, it will worsen in the US and since the US still is very important for the world economy and since many US banks have nice little loans and such towards the rest of the world, this is truly apocalyptical, don’t you think? There is also another consequence and that is that there is already talks about and planning for; *drums please* another stimulus round! That’s right, the enemies in Washington are already thinking about printing and loaning more money in order to spread the inflationary dollar out into the system. Even the most hardy democrat or people with deep socialist persuasion will regard such a move with a slight suspicion. Shouldn’t the first one (the biggest spending spree in history of humanity) have helped? But politicians have no choice, they have chosen this path, what do you expect? That they roll over and admit they were wrong and that they spent trillions of dollars for nothing? Pfffff… please. In other words; more stimulus and more bail-out is coming soon. I give the dollar 1 year maximum, before it collapses.

Finally I need to mention the gold and silver manipulations again. Certain financial institutes have been issuing futures contract for gold that supposedly can be settled in shares in an Exchange Traded Gold Fund. Apparently no one really knows if that Exchange Traded Gold Fund holds the equivalent of shares issued in gold. Ever wondered why the price of gold isn’t going up despite trillions upon trillions of newly printed money and a deep recession?

It almost looks and feels planned...