Thursday, June 14, 2012

Game over - The endgame of The Greatest Depression

A game has been played with us mere mortals. Each move of malice aimed at dehumanizing us while creating both animosity between us and enslaving us to a cabal of international banksters. Whether you believe this game was orchestrated by shadowy figures sitting in dark rooms stroking their white cats while going Mwa ha ha ha, or you believe that there are lots of chance occurrences of converging incidents, does not matter anymore....
....The end result of the game is the same:

This game has been played for a very long time - certainly for the last 20-25 years, although one could easily argue it’s been going on for a much longer period. Perhaps even since the dawn of man.

Malevolent ideas such as FIAT currencies, inflation, fractional reserve banking and the European Union was created to control, tax and fool the people. Step by step, move by move, the game was introduced to new game-pieces such as the “war against drugs”, “feminism”, “political correctness” and those horrible internet based foes; the “MuslimTerroristPedophiles”.

Every time one of these pieces is moved across the board it encounters new offshoots or problems needed to be addressed by the Powers That Be so they can “save us”. Unemployment is too high? Let´s print more money. GDP is not growing? Let´s borrow trillions and spend it on wonderful ideas such as exchanging sand on beaches or teach Negros how to wash their penises. Are there MuslimTerroristPedophiles online? Well let´s chase down preteens downloading music. And how do we best make damn sure that those “terrorists” never stop coming? Well, let´s kill some children!!

Every problem created has a reaction and consequently a solution, and so the game goes on.

Those running the game have rigged it and today they actually sort of know what the end of the game entails, but they cannot change now, the game has gone too far, there is no turning back; the game has to be played out.

Just look at what minute steps towards another game-ending leads to = they don´t get re-elected and people start to revolt. If they did the correct thing to 100% it’s very likely that civil wars will ensue and their cushy comfy lives may very well come to a violent end.

So they will never switch board anymore; the game has to be played out.

There was a time where we could have stopped playing. There was a time when we could have pulled the reverse. There was even a time where we could have taken the wee tiny crash and after a couple of years of resentment and demonstrations, could be clear of the board. That time has now passed. There is no turning back anymore.

The game has to be played out.

I can sometimes be hopeful that we in our near future will place our politicians into an asylums whereinby the visiting public can torment them and derive delight and amusement at their antics within their cells as they lop backwards and forwards, muttering, “It Started in America” and “Spain was the first domino” all the while consummating spiders from the wall. The fees obtained could be used to found hunting parties across the world hunting down banksters and other criminals.
Sometimes I can even feel a slight tingling of optimism that people will realize how duped and robbed they´ve been and consequently do a 180 and bring forth an era of capitalism and enlightenment.

Sadly those notions are just my brain conjuring up a fictitious scenario as a defense mechanism because the future is looking so horrible I don´t see any light up ahead. Only darkness. Only death.

Thousands of years of worldwide ingenuity – millennia of trial and error have finally got us to a point where we know that we can feed, clothe and house every single person on this planet. We have the solution. We know what works and what don´t. But all those years, all that built up private capital, and all the so-so civilized dealings are about to not only end, but also completely crash and burn up.

Game over.

Sometimes it may feel like I, and others like me, are talking about one thing and that that thing will lead to a complete crash and then darkness. This is not really the case. A complex worldwide financial system and all that wealth and progress will not dissipate overnight. It will take years. The start pistol has however sounded and since 2007-2008 we´re in a depression, no matter what those above try to argue. All we´re doing at the moment, and have been doing for years now, is to increase the problems and consequently increase the fallout.

No, this will drag out for decades and for every year that passes we´ll get poorer, more monitored and more controlled. This until we elect those funny little men with very long shadows promising to restore honor and glory just as long as we give up our last vestiges of freedom and democracy. This can happen on national level or, if for example the Europhiles or NWO people plans work out, above national level.

The only other way this can play out is if we throw out all that has been done for the last century or so and start anew. Throw out the laws, the regulations, the taxes and all the rest and start over. Completely. With new premises and new constitutions. This because all of our system, legal, financial, military, all of it, is so infected with wrong principles and mythical ideas that we cannot circumvent it – it has to be completely flushed out.

Since this won´t happen all I can hope for is that someone invents a cheap and fast way of interplanetary travel and that Mars can quickly be terraformed or made decently habitable, so we can start over in such a way. And this better happen very soon because I believe we could be only a few years away from another world war. At the very least someone or some countries will, not very long from now, start throwing nukes around.

Never before have humanity faced a worse situation than that we are facing right now, and when that fattest lady sing the highest note ever heard, I don´t wanna be here.

And before you say I am just another crackpot tinfoil hat dreaming of the rapture, I´ve been warning for years. Over a decade ago I wrote an essay outlining almost exactly what is happening now, but back then I didn´t think it would become this bad so earlier I only thought we would have a Great Recession, perhaps a short depression, and only minor fallout. But back in 2007-2008 I started to think about this as The Greatest Depression, and since then everything has gotten far worse. Now we´re looking at an extinction level event – and I promise you all; a huge meteorite crash will seem like a good alternative.

You need to understand that we have NEVER been in more trouble than today. Our societies are totally soaking in debt - our entire “modern” system is built upon debt.  Debt everywhere and in any form possible, and those fictitious bloated total frauds called “derivatives” with NO VALUE is floating around out there just ready to infuse the biggest shitstorm in history. There are so many regulations, so many shadowy dealings going on, so many market manipulations, and so many cabals of horrible oligarchs wanting to control us and steal all our earnings. And this is global. Everywhere. In every country.

Those controlling the board will soon lose control over it (no matter what conspiracists claim) there is no way to keep track of all contingencies and it’s totally impossible to plan for or know exactly how this will play out after the game is up. All we can say for certainty is that the game will end with the largest catastrophe in human history. Of course those deemed better have their malevolent ideas of world government or whatnot, but such potentialities are dependent on so many things, first of all if we survive as a species at all…

Me, I rather see a scenario similar to that of before WW II.

A few fascist and a few communist governments will take power in some of the defaulting and crashing countries – which is very believable and also understandable. Those will in turn get nukes as deterrents. Skyhigh unemployment and a continuation of the elitist agenda will lead to mass demonstrations and consequently mass arrests, and it’s very possible we´ll see civil wars in countries like Spain and China.

There will be lots of more shootings, lots of more people going postal. Assassinations will become very common – in all directions. Terrorism will grow and very soon a huge terrorist attack will occur (I would, for example, not travel to London during the Olympics. You do so on your own risk).

 With The Greatest Depression not only carrying on but also worsened by above events not only people, but entire cultures and countries will lose it - and from this point the real mayhem and fallout will smash everything into pieces.

Just imagine a situation much worse than that of the late 1920´s and this on a truly global scale and then you consider that weapons of mass destruction are pretty much available for everyone.

Do you see it now? Can you see what I see up ahead?

This is what I am doing and will do for many years to come: 

You? Where will you be and what will you be doing when the largest world changing event in history flushes over us and our societies?