Monday, January 2, 2012

The Iranian conundrum - or; why war is fantastic!

As we all know by now Iran is guilty of 9/11, guilty of saying Jews, cute puppies, polar Bears and the Dalai Lama should be wiped off the map.

Totally encircled by enemy forces - drones and spy planes flying over their territory and threats pouring over them from everywhere while U.S. politicians compete over who can attack them first (with one exception), and constantly bullied by a coalition of screw ups - the Iranians are of course the aggressors in this story.

Oh, and of course they pay Hamas, Alky Aida, Basque separatists, and Muslim insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan to murder innocent U.S. soldiers trying to do their job (i.e. murder civilians, rape women, kill families and protect poppy fields). It is also a well-known fact that Iran has bribed Lady Gaga to corrupt western youth.

Oh, and didn’t they threat to actually fight back if a war ensues? Oh my, such horrible foes!

Of course they are trying to get weapons of mass destruction, probably already has themjust as Saddam... And of course they want to create a world-wide Caliphate under a oppressive Shiite shroud.

Women suffer immensely, gays are getting stoned to death daily, Jews are prosecuted, and any democratic movement is swiftly nipped through summary executions. All the evils of this world has converged in the horrible deserts of Iran and the petite smurf Ahmadinejad is of course a Hitleresque character of pure malevolence and is looking to dominate the middle east and cut off all oil to the western world to starve us since we cannot drive our cars to the supermarket anymore.

I probably forgot something here, but it’s safe to say that the antagonistic rhetoric increase by the day and that the bloody war-drums of U.S. of fucking A now leaving the desolate and destroyed countries of Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan heading north and east walking over the corpses of children, families and raped women has a new target.

Growing up I never thought I would feel this ashamed and angry over how (some) Americans think they can get away with everything. I´ve said it before, and I will say it again; the next terrorist attack you deserve! And I for one hope it’s a big one. If someone blows up New York I will not shed a single tear. Not one! You deserve it fully. You cannot keep bulling the world and keep murdering millions of people and not face any sort of consequence. You cannot keep up the imperialistic propaganda and borrow money from some countries so you can bomb others. You cannot slaughter the innocent without a blowback.

U.S. was the greatest experiment in human history developing into a fantastic powerhouse outproducing and outcompeting everything and everyone. The idea of America and the dream that brought so many to her shores was grandiose in all its glory. But along the way something happen and today the country I once dreamt of moving to has transformed into a semi-fascist (soon full out fascist- or Marxist, depending on who get to run the show) military machine of butchers living on borrowed means, printing dollars to pay for extravagant living and printing even more to grease the military industrial complex.

As so many empires before it to will crumble and fall. And the imminent attack on Iran will be one of the final nails of the decay.

Not that Iran can muster that much of resistance, they will lose tens of thousands of people, probably millions, and will eventually lose the war (if it goes on that long) but unlike Afghanistan and Iraq here´s an actual opponent. Iran isn´t a pushover and in this case the number of Americans coming home in body bags will increase significantly. Another attack on a Muslim country will certainly upset many Muslims around the world, and the economic decline that comes with losing even more trillions of dollars will crash not only the U.S. economy but more than likely also the world´s. Oil.. Do I need to say more?

And before any of you sheople out there start arguing that am another U.S. bashing leftie thug that hates Israel, you should know I am not a fan of Iran or their dictatorship. If they get bombed into oblivion I couldn´t care less. Good riddance if that´s the case. I would love to see more Persian women undressed, nude, doing the cha-cha, webcam (yea!), and for that reason alone; kill all those in the Iranian leadership!

What I do care about however is the millions caught in the crossfire, what I do care about is the very strong oppositional movement in Iran that will be totally undermined and lose all support if their country gets attacked. More than likely many of those that actually hate Ahmadinejad and loath the Mullahs will take up arms to defend their country against American imperialism. I also care about the long-term effect of Western world VS Muslims and the growing antagonism that together with a looming Depression isn´t really a recipe of hugs, flowers and peaceful existence.

And I care about the lies. The lies that lead to war after war after war, and now they are trying to lie themselves into another one. What is to say that your country isn´t next? Or mine? Enough is enough already.

The vampyric Uncle Sam can seemingly not get enough blood and the people behind the curtain are giggling in joy over every butchered child. I know most Americans are tired of the wars, but for some reason they keep ending up in them anyway.

Next up is a Golf of Tonkin Redux, and then Iranians will die in hordes. And for what? Oil you might say, but I feel that regardless of who wins the U.S. presidency a war will start because of penises. Shooting bullets and rockets looking like dicks from ships, submarines and planes shaped as dicks to kill those “others” probably creates an erection or two so people in Washington can go to prostitutes with a slightly happier smile. And since we have a black guy in the White House he probably wants to show who´s the man before any warmongering republican gets his penis out...

Sooner or later though Americanos will encounter a country or a coalition of countries that actually will fight back or a crashing economy will knock out every tiny shred that is left of the republic and then say hello to successions, a fascist/Marxist police state and possibly civil war.

As all other empires before, the U.S. will also wither and die and as examples from history it all comes down to too many wars too far away while an expanding benefit system creates laziness and political tensions fester and grows and money dilution creates inflation into the extreme.

Well, am off for the day. Need to get my drinking on. Cheers to you all, and peace my brothers and sisters. The coming years will be hell, but cheer up, there´s always alcohol...

Hoist the Black Flag

This is the creed you (yes; you!) live by.

The physical earth has not changed historically; many poor people live on resource rich lands, as well as many rich people live on land totally lacking in resources. To some this is strange - blaming either the rich for exploiting and pillaging the poor today or during yesterdays colonisation era. 
But the truth is that it is not raw materials that creates wealth, it is the uses that human energy makes of raw materials, that create a rich world. It is human effort - from the brain that come up with how to best take advantage of the land to the physical work to the selling and marketing of ready products – that creates wealth. 
As time passes someone comes up with a new way of extracting, add to or use the raw material. Another one comes up with a better way of transporting it. Another one comes up with a new way of marketing it. And so the initial work, this way, over time, is enhanced and enriched which creates even more wealth then before.  
This is why freedom is so important when it comes to the economy. Without the rights of a free human being this process will be bumpy at best, come to a complete halt at worst. 
People also invent, work and develop processes to gain riches, fame, power or for philanthropic reasons, but we humans need a reason to do things. If there is no reason and if there is nothing to gain, few, if any, will do it. 
In short, freedom, not hydrocarbons, create riches. The more people are infringed, taxed and controlled the less likely they are to create wealth. 
But for some reason people keep voting for the same lying chaffing horseshits and utter cretins and mass-murdering global vermin’s we call “our leaders” who hate or ignore the truth above. The evil soul-sucking entities of politics have twisted things around and have actually convinced people that hard work, inventions and human brain activity is secondary. Instead government subsidies, welfare and big corporations and a system that is built for and around large banks is what matters.  
If we don´t bail out the “too big to fail´s”, if we don´t keep giving large piles of cash to shadowy bankster organisations, and if we don´t give more power to government, all will come crashing down. This is what our great leaders keep telling us. 

Apparently conjuring up money via the printing press and handing it over to big business is the way to prosperity. It seems that borrowing from the future and indebting our children in order to rescue money masters will make us richer. And of course giving more power to those deemed better so they can monitor, tax and control us further will create a surge in human activity and stop the economy from spiralling into a depression. 

Mendacious voodoo shamans bought and paid for by the elitist sphere solemnly support such notions and the news are filled with malevolent pundits arguing that not only is the Keynesian madness correct, but we haven´t done enough. We need to print more money, borrow shitloads more and help the banks even further. 
All the while the truth of things is ignored. 
If you want to know why this world is going straight down the abyss of absolute despair; this is why. 
Whether you call this progressive idiocy, faulty socialism or (what is probably most correct) outright fascist behaviour, the end result is the same. The Greatest Depression was created by too many regulations, too much money printing, too much borrowing, and via a refusal to prosecute and jail individuals from evil squid banks. The Greatest Depression was worsened for the same reason, and they tell us that the very same should be used as remedy...  

It’s time to stop this! 

Not later, not a year from now, and we cannot wait for divine intervention. And you need to do it. I know you´re scared or perhaps don´t care, and many of you are too stupid to realise what is going on, but we can never get out of this mess without a real awakening. 
We need to purge the system. We need to prosecute banksters, evildoers of big business and our elected frauds. We need to bring out the shadowy dealings into the open and refuse to obey the power structure. We need to oppose and fight the surveillance society they are building. We need to take another road or all can be lost.
The wars will not stop, the economic decline cannot be hindered, and the millions of people soon to starve to death cannot be saved unless we radically change our ways. 
We´re heading for an complete collapse of our way of life and since the road we´re on is that of fascism, nationalism and accumulated power in the hands of the few, another World War is a real possibility. 
But yea, you don´t see it do you? Baaaa Baaaa Baaaa. It must fun being a SHEEP!? Letting them step all over you, letting them dupe you, steal from you and control every minute of your life. So you keep row, row, row, rowing your sorry indebted serf-ass and keep bowing down to the fractional reserve bankster fiefdom.
Just don´t complain when all hell breaks loose the coming years. You are as much at fault as The Powers That Be. You let it happen. You voted for it. This is a world very much of your making. Don´t tell me I didn´t warn you. I have been voicing warnings for over a decade now, and I am by no means alone. 
You should have known...
Those of you who do know or are about to wake up. Time to hoist the flag of resistance and demand justice. It’s probably already too late, but if at least a large portion of you idiots wake up perhaps we can avoid the worst fallout and aftermath of this Depression. 
Time is up! 2011 was a bad year, 2012 will be a horrible year, but the worst is yet to come...