Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buying eggs for the Lama

The face of Evil

Woke up and felt my celestial testicles boiling, or maybe it was a sudden case of diarrhea? Anyhoooow, had a great sexual encounter in my dreams and a beautiful little thing were still imprinted on my cornea while I in a semi-awaken state opened up my computer this morning. A day that could have started out great suddenly became chilly and my dick became so sickly pale that it’s almost translucent and that horny feeling went away like bailout money in the hands of Goldman Sachs banksters.

Apparently the dictator wannabe and horrible spokesperson of one of history’s worst regimes landed in Stockholm this morning. This despicable little man is holding a lecture at one university and is going to visit a museum. One may assume when such a Hitleresque character arrives that demonstration would be filling the streets, cars would be set ablaze and applications to said university would plummet to record lows. However this isn’t the case, instead he’s greeted as a wonderful celebrity. His well documented hatred against women, his celebration of beheadings and the notion of re-imposing the Tibetihan dictatorship is apparently secondary. What is important is that Richard fucking Geer and other misfits likes the guy.

As usual when mainstream pundits and average Joes’ hear someone tell the truth about this serial killer in the making they react with the ‘you´re-an-Chinese-stooge’ –argument. Just as criticizing Israel makes you an anti-Semite and defending Israel makes you fooled by the Israel lobby, this is the reaction that awaits.

If you have that reaction, please read what this horrible petite soul-sucker actually stands for, what he wants to do when in power, how things looked before when his kind actually were in power. If you do you will have the same reaction as am having right now: you´ll go to the supermarket to buy eggs and travel to said lecture for an egging. Or, perhaps, you´ll find a grassy knoll with a nice view…