Monday, August 24, 2009

Other pieces of the puzzle

China mines over 95 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia. But a report from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has called for a TOTAL BAN on foreign shipments of terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, thulium, and lutetium. Other metals such as neodymium, europium, cerium, and lanthanum will be restricted to a combined export quota of 35,000 tonnes a year, far below global needs of those metals.

This happens at the same time as Asian stocks dropped on Tuesday 25th 2009, with China's main index tumbling more than 5%. Analysts say that investors tread cautiously after a series of gains and looked for more signs of economic recovery. Since there never was and never will any recovery, only temporary ups and downs, what they in reality is looking for is signs of certain “stimulated” areas or sure bets. Maybe some will, thanks to all that newly printed money, throw some investments into the fire in pure speculations and keep the scam going for a while yet.

And Dick Bove, a prominent US banking analyst, is issuing warnings. According to him an additional 200 US banks will fail before the recession is over adding to the 80+ already gone out of business. He is, of course, a complete optimist and seemingly only takes into account what can be seen today. Bove also added that US need to rely on bigger and stronger banks to “protect deposits”. Riiiiight…

Finally, media keeps spreading the scam that Germany is out of the depression. Our enemies are gathering...

We are just seeing the beginning

As I have said before on several occasions, the first couple of laws and authorities regarding internet was just the start. Almost every day we are meet by new restrictions, new taxes or new voices that wants to ban, outlaw or regulate certain areas of the online community.

In the UK it is now suggested that people who file-share will get their internet connection cut off. In the same suggestion it’s included that the government will take control over who targets and hunt illegal downloader’s. This is to “speed up the process”.

In Sweden some court has told an internet provider to cut out the Piratebay which, temporarily, lead to the site going down yesterday.

In other words everything goes just as predicted and while I keep nibbling on some popcorn our enemies will continue on this path to tighten control more and more.

I’m actually starting to look forward to that apocalyptic and economic meltdown, its going to be hilarious.

He'll be back

In the US of A the evil trickster Ben Bernanke is getting support from the Obamination for re-election as Fed chairman. Bernanke that has almost total support from those he has been helping and giving trillions of dollars of tax-money to - namely Wall Street - is probably getting to face some opposition but with the propaganda machine running wild and the Obamination stating his faulting reputation it’s a high risk that this lying bastard will get elected again. Consequently another piece of the puzzle for total economic meltdown is soon put into place.

Rejoicing Greeks

In Greece fires have consumed over 120,000 hectares of countryside and forest, killing wildlife and destroying hundreds of cars, homes and monasteries. As the prefect of Athens, Yiannis Sgouros, spoke of an "ecological disaster", increasing numbers of Greeks were resorting to local media outlets to call for help and vent their anger over bad government decisions. Thousands are in running from their homes and the fires are yet to be brought under control.

All of this is, of course, fantastic news!! As every cornflake economist and fraudulent politician of this world knows, this will increase GDP!! It seems like Greece will be the next country to “get out of the recession”. So all you Greeks out there dance and be happy, let the fire devour your homes, forests and fields and put a smile on your face. Oh happy days!

What have happend?

Your first line of defence against the lies

This is guy is unbelievably good. I have urged you all to visit before and I’ll do so again. The Market Ticker

If you don’t listen to me, Peter Schiff or anyone else that is trying to warn you about the looming disaster, maybe you will listen to this guy; The Market Ticker Although mostly abut the US, the same frauds are being committed pretty much everywhere and US of A is a very important player in regards to the world economies.

Free Anna Odell – and give the woman more tax money

One of my favourite people, Anna Odell, is standing trial in Sweden today. This little cutie has shown us all where our tax-money really goes; down the black hole that is government. She managed this feat by pretending to be mentally ill, “tried” to jump of a bridge, and got herself locked up and, apparently, did hurt some nurses in the process. According to some rumours she even tossed feces at the nurses. Then, whoopedido, she was sane again and could graduate from her art-class with this art-work as her exam, everything paid for by the tax payers. And yes, this little move is regarded as “art” by some morons within the Swedish publicly run school system.

Now, standing trial, I’m hoping she is let free, and even more so; we should throw tons of money at her, sacks of ‘em. Give the female a billion or two and let her waste it like she is a politician. Never in my adult life has anyone so clearly shown the Swedish citizens where the tax money really goes and who puts it to use. Well, there was that other art student who thrashed and pissed in a subway train (same school) also as an exam-project. That guy is also a true hero, but otherwise who could ever measure up to this piece of brilliant madness?

I also have a tip for her. The next project should involve her actually jumping. She was let out of the public mental ward, if she actually went that extra mile (all for art!) and actually jumped she would prove how badly managed that thing really is, she clearly was sick, how could they let her go free? Also, if she survives, she can see the inside of a hospital and, again, show how bad things are run at that publicly run place. A win win!