Friday, April 22, 2011

The truth is out there

I have said it before, although I myself don´t really believe it will happen, but there's really only one way out of our current financial mess seen from the Powers That Be’s perspective: an extraordinary event of such a magnitude that it will overshadow the worldwide economic collapse.

The revelation of Alien beings, ships visiting us or an outright invasion would be such a thing.

I wrote 1,5 year ago that the Internet was buzzing with stories about how Obama were about to come forth with some Extraterrestrial news. My immediate thought was just this; they may very well use it as an excuse to keep holding on to power.

Just imagine. The whole world is crumbling, governments everywhere is about to be toppled and politicians are facing angry mobs. With no end in sight, with no hope, with an elitist sphere fighting for their very lives, only something like this will save the current GramscoFabianNazi system from imploding. People will be far less likely to start civil wars and exchange their government if this were to happen. In times of crisis and threatened by an outside force people band together, they stand behind their government.

I don´t see this happening because I´m not a believer in E.T. but maybe they can use it as a false-flag attack and/or as a way of hoaxing the populace. It wouldn´t surprise me one bit.

Finally I do hope there are Aliens and that they do invade. I hardly see them doing a worse job in governing than we do. And if not, at least take me! I would love to be abducted. Anal-probes would be a huge bonus…