Monday, May 28, 2012

The Spanish Quantum Vacuum Collapse

Take a siesta hun, its all good...

Unlike the Large Hadron Collider deemed by some to be a doomsday device because certain theorists said that it could destroy the planet, the Spanish debacle will however lead us into a final death-spiral.

For a few years now I have been arguing that Spain is the most likely torch to ignite the first pile of manure that will knock over all other piles of crap like dominoes. And so mainstream historians (people with very little clue) will claim that: “it started in Spain, and it spread like wild-fire across the world. And so The Greatest Depression was created”. Just like they claim that Lehman brothers was the igniting factor back in 2008. Of course this is by large wrong - both claims are - but nevertheless this is what dummies of our über ventriloquist’s will argue.

All those bought and paid for puppets of the elitists, i.e. cornflake economists and journalists will continue on the same road as before. Arguing that there was too few regulations, we didn´t spend enough money and federalism, preferably on a global scale, would have saved us and is the way of the future.

Other asylum inmates whom should be carved into little pieces and eaten by a pack of wild dogs, i.e. socialists, fascists and other –isms, will of course blame capitalism, the Jews, Muslims and the rich, trying to create further animosity and build upon that “we against them” feeling so to gain power and be able to wage war against such fictitious enemies. But the fact of the matter is that Spain is by no means alone, they are just “unlucky” enough to, probably, be the first big piece to falter and crash.

To a person with knowledge in basic arithmetic and having a smudge of common sense none of these “explanations” will come as a surprise. That´s how the stupidity of a dumbed down TV-generation without awareness of history having been raised within the confines of public schools and continuously lied to by media and politicians, will react and think.

Lubricated orifice licking by elitist puppets below of those Deemed Better aside, the real problem of the matter, at the very core of our dilemma, is the lack of interest in what works and what don´t. People simply don´t pay attention. They don´t want to know that their lives are that of drones and zombies rather than free sentient beings. People refuse to acknowledge basic truths and see any reducing of their entitlements as an attack on their cushy existence. The ´free´ buffet of stuff promised by government is what matters, who cares if the government print trillions, borrow trillions more and indebt generations forward? Who cares if child’s of today will grow up impoverished and enslaved? Give us stuff!! Free stuff!! Fuck tomorrow!!

This is also at the core of Spain’s problems.

Almost all of Spain’s housing developers are totally insolvent. The banks that lend them the money are also insolvent. The government, having promised to back those bad loans lent to insolvent yahoos, is pretty much insolvent to. These facts even mainstream screw-ups acknowledge, but what is not said however is that those loans are turned over between banks, those debts are being traded upon as having “value” and banks are even lending out more money to contractors and developers so they can repay their old loans! And if that wasn´t bad enough now the Spanish government is even trying to use those bloated apocalyptical loans to prop up the banks. Again.

 And here I haven´t even mentioned the derivatives and CDO´s and the inflation used to build upon all of this crap. I haven´t even touched the fact that the ECB is buying up Spanish treasuries to keep this fraudulent system running a while longer.

Add in sky-high unemployment numbers, succession movements in the Catalonian and Basque regions, international banking cartels sucking the system dry of what little wealth there is and a highly inflationary euro to this equation and what do we have?

A receipt for utter collapse and disaster.

 Looking at the math, Spain may very well never recover. Seriously; Never.

Just as in most countries there is no incentive for the general populace, duped, tricked and fooled as they are, to turn it around. On the contrary, all the movements and ideas being listen to are that of collectivism and Keynesianism. The very things highly responsible for the mess we are in will apparently save us with more of the same.

 We know that too much spending with money that does not exist and unholy alliances between banksters and politicians created this financial Armageddon. A blind hairless chimp with no limbs having undergone a lobotomy can see it, but not the people of this planet.

In our brave new financial world, honest accounting is a treasonous, terrorist act against the State. To anyone trying to show real losses, to show how many times a toxic loan has been turned over, lent upon, sold, re-sold and re-packed into something new that in turn can be turned over, sold and lend to new fools, is a worse person than if being a Nazi Al-Qaida member.

 Somewhere in Spain, right now, I promise you all that there is a Bankia accountant being crucified upside down or waterboarded for failure to properly cook Bankia's books and financial disclosure statements.

That´s how the system works, and that’s what our benevolent leaders want to hide from you. They can´t really do it though so its right there to see, you just need to look.

It doesn’t matter if you are a limp-wristed, sentimental, lentil-eating hippie wanting to save the planet through banning lamp-bulbs, or if you are a leftie thug having the urge to put everyone earning more than you into concentration camps. The facts are the facts and the reality is right there.

Bank runs have already started, just as I knew they would and said would happen. And just as clockwork The Powers That Be are out in force either already imposing restrictions on taking out cash or outright planning to arrest and detain people who do. Some demonstrations are already getting declared illegal. Internet restrictions across Europe are growing by the second. Unelected eureaucrats and cloven kleptocrats are running around trying to find out what scheme they can use to save their previous plans.

Of course the strongest voices are saying "print money"; let us take you on a magic levitating carpet ride thanks to more QE baby!

A corrupt system ruled by oligarchical cabals has failed and all we are told is that we need more of the same - well, after (and during) austerity measures has robbed people of their last cash and handed it over to the oligarchs.

Of course all of this can be fixed. Even Spain can be saved. All it will take is to acknowledge real financial data, prosecute those responsible and let the system crash and cleanse itself. And after that roll back all restrictions and accept capitalism as our savior and benefactor. It will still take a few years before we are back to any sense of normality, but at least we would both avoid The Greatest Shit storm of all time and all that comes with it.

 But as you can imagine that won´t happen.

 Instead; say goodbye to all that you hold dear and brace for impact of what will be regarded by the survivors as “The End time”. The rapture is nigh and it has nothing to do with religion, but all to do with peoples stupidity.