Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to ruin a country’s economy

As I earlier predicted the central bank of Sweden lowered the Interest rate from 0,5% to 0,25% today. The difference is in reality very slim but the hope is that this will increase the foolish Swedish populace willingness to borrow and spend. To borrow money at a low cost in order to buy things might increase GDP -which is the mad notion behind this scheme. I would not be surprised if the cornflake-economists behind this plot are Muhahahaha:ing behind closed doors and rubbing their hands together congratulating themselves to a job well done - but more likely they really don’t know what they doing.

Firstly the notion of buying more stuff (hence higher GDP) as a measurement of wealth is so stupid it is hard to believe people actually buy into it. Everyone from the Obaminator to NeuArbeit here in the UK to the Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden is trying to convince us that spending and buying is the back-bone of the economy. Eagerly applauded by mainstream journalists (that cannot count) and economists (that cannot count) this fart-filled concept is being packaged, marketed and sold to the general public. The only ones not being completely happy is the collection of circus freaks collectively known as “the socialists”. The lefties not being completely happy with billions of newly printed monopoly money and government loan after loan piling up - they want more! Much more! For those of you who actually might be able to form a coherent thought I can tell you that the basis of a country’s economy is based on production. If you borrow to spend it means that no value has been created. If you only consume and do not produce it means that you are living on borrowed time as well as borrowed money. Such an economy cannot last and this is the recession in a nut-shell.

Secondly IF this scheme continues to “work” hence makes people go out and borrow money to buy more stuff it might temporarily get the wheels rolling again but this in combination with more money in the system means that interest rates needs to go up. The longer the interest rates are very low and the more money that pours into the system and the worse the crisis becomes the higher the rates eventually will be. At the moment I would argue that Sweden has 7-8% rates to look forward to, but this is today. For every month that passes, for every bail-out, for every stupidity the enemy class conjure up the higher it will be. This in turn means that all those people borrowing now thinking it is easy paying back loans at these rates are getting seriously arse-fucked. With sky-rocketing unemployment, more bankruptcies and a continuation of the recession (soon turned into a depression) this will be devastating. And what will happen to the economy when defaulting and interest rates are so high that credit lenders no longer can manage their business? To a certain extent we are already there since this scenario is sort of (partly) the reason for the recession but what we are talking about here is on a completely different level. Imagine this scenario and than add the dollar collapsing and an increase in protectionist levels all over the world. Such a situation is worse than anything anyone has ever seen and that is where we are heading.

Thirdly, what happens when it is cheap to borrow and no one saves their money? It means that investments goes down (less jobs and less production in the future) and people get more reckless with money since it comes in abundant supply. In addition to this comes the very notion of spending, people do not want to stop spending, they want to spend more, buy more stuff. If the government does not make sure people can keep spending, the government will be replaced in the best case scenario, rebelled against in the worst. And with lefties everywhere promising and wanting lots and lots of more of this lunacy sooner or later a hysterical man with hysterical answers to a hysterical people will emerge and with this we can look forward to the 4th Reich and all the fun attributes that comes with.

The Swedish central bank and its cornflake-economists are destroying the future and ruining the economy, please remember this when you go out looking for a good steady lamp-posts and a hardy rope…

A bigger douche-bag then a rapist

I was checking some other blogs and stumble upon Scaber Nestor that is writing about some idiotic fucker of a politicians that I feel the urge to put some serious hurt on. Apparently the socialist as-hole in question was attending the meet and great for the enemy class I was talking about here. Suddenly he gets a call and some woman he knows has been raped. So far so bad - but this useless piece of scum have the nerve to blame Piratebay and the PirateParty for this rape. I have no idea how the mind on this snarling fucking mad deluded cretin “works” but something is seriously wrong with the synapses on this one. However, reading this slippery cunts blog and the stupidities he writes during wanker breaks; it is not the totally fucked up opinion that Piratebay somehow is responsible for someone getting raped that bugs me, no, instead he’s openly telling everyone who this woman is. Not by name or anything but with the information he is flaunting around it took me just a couple of minutes to figure out who she might be and this really pissing me off. I know one or two things about rape victims and how they might feel at the hospital just after being put through an ordeal that is among the worst things imaginable. To have a douche-bag of a politician using the rape of a “friend” (hopefully former friend) to make irrational and totally mad connections in order to gain some political points is as low as they come. Arvid Falk is the name of this vomit and you can find his blog in Swedish here.

When the revolution comes I want this one for myself…

Honduras – the only democratic country in the world?

The headline kind of says it all. Every little representative of the enemy class throughout the world keeps arguing that the former president and dictator wannabe Zelaya should be reinstated. The democratic government of Honduras refuses, as they should.

I have been roaming the net and reading leftie bloggers and as I thought many of them argues that the Honduran constitution is a hinder on the way towards “progressive reforms” and is only an obstacle in the way of “helping the poor”. This is socialist speech which translated means that anything in the way of dictatorship and concentration camps is bad and should to be eliminated. The supposedly democratic and free world should of course support the Honduran government and condemn Zelaya but instead they align themselves with the Venezuelan and Cuban dictators which makes the story both frightening and funny. And - of course - the organization for socialism, despair and stupidity; United Nations have Zelaya's back. All in all it seems like Honduras is the only voice of reason among the countries of the world so I’m starting to think it might be a good place to move. I have been looking for a new home and since I know Spanish; why not Honduras? So if any of you out there have some pointers how to move and get a job in the mentioned country, please let me know.

Hang ‘em high

In Sweden a big theatre spectacle is going on. Every year all the enemies of the people get together in a nice little town out on a nice little island to spend time thinking up more ways to decivilise the world. The political parties of the parliament get one day each when they stand in the lime-light and throughout the week/s youth organisations, feminist’s movements plus many others send out statements and try to bribe journalists to write about their little project. There are also companies represented on location in addition to countless lobbyists, “thinkers” and other amoebas. Every day “big news” from this little town out on a little island is cable out to the public. Newspapers are filled with comments from journalists trying to interpret and analyse this malevolent event. The whole drama is played out according to every sinister trick in the book with the enemies making it as suspenseful as possible. Everyone attending is trying their very best to convince both themselves and those listening that there actually is a difference between the political views being displayed.

The entire manipulative showcase works something like this; one representative of the enemy class enters a podium; holds a lecture that reveals his/hers particular perversion. Then someone will comment on this and journalists will rush to make their deadline. The day after the next oily representative of barbarism will say pretty much the same thing but claim his solution is the best one since his opinion differ a whopping 1-2% from his comrade the day before. In the meanwhile lobbyists are running around trying to sell something and if they are lucky one of the elected criminals will stop for a moment and if they are really lucky this criminal can be bought.

All of this is a scheme to make the general public believe in fairytales about equality and justice. Also it is very important for our foe’s to convince us that it matters who we vote for. But the main purpose of this tragedy is that it’s a way for sinister mainstream journalists to give us the platitudes and lies that is the very embodiment of the enemy class. The entire exhibition of freaks and their propaganda is nothing else than a way of bringing society further towards the abyss. Those in charge that created and gave us this current recession – soon to be depression – is of course not going to give up freely so this cute little event might work in our favour. We who use our brains (in Sweden maybe a hundred or so individuals) can use this information and either plant a big bomb to kill all of them in one go - or we could cut off all the escape routes and pick them off one by one. This would probably be the best thing that ever happened to my birth nation. But since this is just a very happy dream and will never happen I guess I need to wait for the depression and all the turmoil that comes with that. Just remember who your enemies are and after they have dangled a while and started to smell; bury them with a sign so we know were to piss and do a little jig.