Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hang ‘em high

In Sweden a big theatre spectacle is going on. Every year all the enemies of the people get together in a nice little town out on a nice little island to spend time thinking up more ways to decivilise the world. The political parties of the parliament get one day each when they stand in the lime-light and throughout the week/s youth organisations, feminist’s movements plus many others send out statements and try to bribe journalists to write about their little project. There are also companies represented on location in addition to countless lobbyists, “thinkers” and other amoebas. Every day “big news” from this little town out on a little island is cable out to the public. Newspapers are filled with comments from journalists trying to interpret and analyse this malevolent event. The whole drama is played out according to every sinister trick in the book with the enemies making it as suspenseful as possible. Everyone attending is trying their very best to convince both themselves and those listening that there actually is a difference between the political views being displayed.

The entire manipulative showcase works something like this; one representative of the enemy class enters a podium; holds a lecture that reveals his/hers particular perversion. Then someone will comment on this and journalists will rush to make their deadline. The day after the next oily representative of barbarism will say pretty much the same thing but claim his solution is the best one since his opinion differ a whopping 1-2% from his comrade the day before. In the meanwhile lobbyists are running around trying to sell something and if they are lucky one of the elected criminals will stop for a moment and if they are really lucky this criminal can be bought.

All of this is a scheme to make the general public believe in fairytales about equality and justice. Also it is very important for our foe’s to convince us that it matters who we vote for. But the main purpose of this tragedy is that it’s a way for sinister mainstream journalists to give us the platitudes and lies that is the very embodiment of the enemy class. The entire exhibition of freaks and their propaganda is nothing else than a way of bringing society further towards the abyss. Those in charge that created and gave us this current recession – soon to be depression – is of course not going to give up freely so this cute little event might work in our favour. We who use our brains (in Sweden maybe a hundred or so individuals) can use this information and either plant a big bomb to kill all of them in one go - or we could cut off all the escape routes and pick them off one by one. This would probably be the best thing that ever happened to my birth nation. But since this is just a very happy dream and will never happen I guess I need to wait for the depression and all the turmoil that comes with that. Just remember who your enemies are and after they have dangled a while and started to smell; bury them with a sign so we know were to piss and do a little jig.

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