Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honduras – the only democratic country in the world?

The headline kind of says it all. Every little representative of the enemy class throughout the world keeps arguing that the former president and dictator wannabe Zelaya should be reinstated. The democratic government of Honduras refuses, as they should.

I have been roaming the net and reading leftie bloggers and as I thought many of them argues that the Honduran constitution is a hinder on the way towards “progressive reforms” and is only an obstacle in the way of “helping the poor”. This is socialist speech which translated means that anything in the way of dictatorship and concentration camps is bad and should to be eliminated. The supposedly democratic and free world should of course support the Honduran government and condemn Zelaya but instead they align themselves with the Venezuelan and Cuban dictators which makes the story both frightening and funny. And - of course - the organization for socialism, despair and stupidity; United Nations have Zelaya's back. All in all it seems like Honduras is the only voice of reason among the countries of the world so I’m starting to think it might be a good place to move. I have been looking for a new home and since I know Spanish; why not Honduras? So if any of you out there have some pointers how to move and get a job in the mentioned country, please let me know.


  1. I believe you are quite right when it comes to the fact that Zelaya had dictator aspirations and that the coup probably made sure that those plans ended. However, a coup is not the democratic nor the reasonable way to go. It will only give free space for the lefties to talk about how much they are oppressed. Another problem is that Zelaya is now starting to get some sort of weird martyr status among the Western left and it is a great risk in that the civilized world fail to remember his flaws.

  2. Of course you are right about this. It has happend before and will happen this time - which is very funny. However this does not mean that one should not do or support what is actually right. If you start making excuses and/or meet with the fascists half-way the grave will only become deeper.

    Me I think the Honduran government handled this badly deporting the guy. He broke the law and tried to break it much more, he should be in jail, not being deported.

  3. It must be considered that Honuras acted in line with its constitution witch contains no stated procedures to handle the situation that arose seen ni that light it is not resonable to apply the stanards of handling such scenarios in western democracies (i.e impeachments)

  4. Wether you like it or not, Zelaya was voted into power. He should be reinstated to serve the rest of his term.

    Also, your strange allusions to Zelaya being a wannabe dictator make absolutely no sense; for one he did not violate the rights of his constituents like the new "president" has.

  5. Why should he be reinstated? He has missused his power, broken the law and used help from a dictator in order to go around the constitution and when he didn't get what he wanted, he fired people against the rules and continued to brake the law. If the same thing happend in Sweden, UK or other western country he person in question would be removed from office precisasly as happen in Honduras. So tell me again why this dictator wannabe should be reinstated?

    Just as the dictator and murderess Hugo Chavez Zalaya wanted to change laws, the constitution and so on to fit his perticular views and so he could remain in power. Just having the friends this SOB have is enough evidence for locking him up and throwing away the key.

  6. It was right to stamp out Zelaya. The "international community", with beast Obama as its head, just shows how leftist they are today. Shame on them! And may more latin american countries follow the example of Honduras to rid commie dicators before they set up their miniature soviets.