Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A bigger douche-bag then a rapist

I was checking some other blogs and stumble upon Scaber Nestor that is writing about some idiotic fucker of a politicians that I feel the urge to put some serious hurt on. Apparently the socialist as-hole in question was attending the meet and great for the enemy class I was talking about here. Suddenly he gets a call and some woman he knows has been raped. So far so bad - but this useless piece of scum have the nerve to blame Piratebay and the PirateParty for this rape. I have no idea how the mind on this snarling fucking mad deluded cretin “works” but something is seriously wrong with the synapses on this one. However, reading this slippery cunts blog and the stupidities he writes during wanker breaks; it is not the totally fucked up opinion that Piratebay somehow is responsible for someone getting raped that bugs me, no, instead he’s openly telling everyone who this woman is. Not by name or anything but with the information he is flaunting around it took me just a couple of minutes to figure out who she might be and this really pissing me off. I know one or two things about rape victims and how they might feel at the hospital just after being put through an ordeal that is among the worst things imaginable. To have a douche-bag of a politician using the rape of a “friend” (hopefully former friend) to make irrational and totally mad connections in order to gain some political points is as low as they come. Arvid Falk is the name of this vomit and you can find his blog in Swedish here.

When the revolution comes I want this one for myself…

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