Friday, May 25, 2012

The conundrum of the ages

Ready for the truth yet? 

 I keep wondering how and why so many within the elitist sphere - and in particular those calling themselves “journalist” - can keep lying to us with a straight face.

Firstly we have those ancient and proven facts such as we know that free individuals are happier and less inclined to rebel then enslaved people. We know that a society letting markets work and correct itself always out-compete and out-produce the alternative. It’s a well established fact that socialist countries always fall behind and get beat in pretty much every area by more capitalist prone countries.  

Of course a socialist state can put all their resources in one or a few baskets and still be able to reach competitive levels. Examples of this is how the Soviet Union could keep up with the space race and comes to military or how Cuba can have really good healthcare despite in all other aspects being a 3-world country with a poverty stricken populace. 

Other obvious evidence from the past, as well as contemporary evidence and common sense tell us that economically prudent countries keeping inflation and spending down will always come out the winner. There are countless of examples of countries and empires growing in size, power and riches through free trade, stable currencies and keeping public spending down while later declining after imposing restrictions, letting inflation run rampant and spending money they don’t have.

Always the same story, always with the same result.

We also know that the 19th century was, by far, without competition, humanities best century of all time. Never before, or since, has so many people lifted themselves from poverty, enslavement and horrific conditions. Sure their work and lives was still, compared to today, pretty much awful, but compared to what was before it was close to heavenly.

And finally we know, with absolute facts, figures and with countless of examples from history, that government can NEVER spend itself out of a slump. News flash, friends: this has never worked. Anywhere. Ever.

Socialists and irresponsible thieves of all colors always want to argue against these truths, and their lying is pretty convincing to someone not paying attention, but the facts are the facts. You cannot hide from reality, truths and absolutes.

I could go on about history, but we don´t need to look so far back to see the obvious. Today we can see how countries that has continuously printed, borrowed and spend much more money than they have being in big trouble. The countries with at least a decent brake on such things are doing better or even much better. Countries that has, at least in part, lowered public spending and kept close to REAL GDP numbers are today being pressured by kleptocrats to do the opposite since the kleptocratic notion of Keynesianism has failed miserably and they have no cash left. Today we can see how countries focused on production and low inflation are the only ones decently coping with the buildup to The Greatest Depression.

And finally we have the math. Regardless of what you may think or how you may interpret history or our current dilemma, the math will never lie to you. Mathematical evidence, at least at its basic level, is absolute. There is no hiding from it. No bureaucrat, no politician, no journalist, not you, not me – NO ONE! - can discard the constants and absolutes of the math.

And what does the math tell us?

It tells us that someone(s) always needs to pay. There is no such thing as a “free lunch”. Never existed, and never will.

The math also tell us that the more money you print, the less value for each note. This means that printing money, in the very short run, is a zero sum game for the society as a whole. In the little longer run it’s inflationary and creates bottle necks. And in the long run it’s hyperinflationary and destroys societies.

The math tells us that $1 is always $1. So if the government taxes you and spends, the immediate impact on GDP is ZERO!

THE ONLY WAY government can spend and at the same time have an impact on GDP is if they borrow from the future and print shitloads of money. And the funny thing is it doesn’t matter what they spend the money on. This is what our masters has been doing, and kept doing for many years. It’s not more value; it’s not more wealth, and it’s not higher production, its only higher GDP. It’s a scam and the math tells us this.

Buffoons in higher places keep ignoring the math and so they keep building upon our current dilemma. Every time they print and borrow more money they increase the depth and severity of The Greatest Depression.

The math doesn’t tell you any lies. And the math tells us that the game is up. It has been up for a long time, we´ve just ignored all the warnings and all the obvious evidence.

 And the math tells us that sooner or later the system cannot take the lying and cheating anymore. We will reach a point where no scheme can paint over the problems, and we will reach this point very, very soon.

We should have reached this point a long time ago. But governments and banking cartels kicked the can down the road through CDO´s, derivatives and inflation. With schemes undreamed of, with plots and plans worthy of any super villain, they kept the system running.

When the system finally was ready to burst and reveal the scams, back in 2007-2008, they came up with such madness that only asylum inmates could rejoice. Trillions was printed, trillions more was borrowed, and trillions upon trillions was spent on pointless, useless production- and wealth-destroying ideas such as cash-for-clunkers programs and save the environment lunacies. And trillions more was spent on the worst stupidity and most conspiracy smelling insanity of all; save the “too big to fail´s”. Big banks and their bankster spokespersons got bailouts and extra cash to keep the derivatives- and housing markets scams rolling for another few years. The very people responsible for The Greatest Depression, politicians and banksters, in a beautiful harmony saying “Fuck you” to the rest of the planet.

They bought a few years and in doing so turned a smaller depression into a mega disaster of such proportions that it will change life on this planet forever. The math however (again) tells us that the game is up. The system is ready to explode again. And again they tell us that we need to spend, print, spend, print and spend our way out of it. It’s all about keeping GDP numbers up. This entire circle of complete and utter madness going against history, truth and math is supported by journalists, cornflake economist and a majority of the useless cretins making up our duped populace.


How can you all be so stupid!?

And how can journalists and those deemed better keep playing this game of world-destruction?

The end is nigh folks. There is no turning back anymore. We will face The Greatest Depression. And we will face it soon.

 IF - and I really need to stress and point out that “IF!” – IF we get out on the other side in a decent manor, and IF we haven´t destroyed this planet through another world war, and IF we don´t impose worldwide governance where the individual is completely subservient, IF we don´t turn fascist/communist/socialist, and IF we eventually can recuperate ourselves and our societies…

… if so; please, please, please, for the love of all you hold dear, please adhere and listen to what the truth, history and the math tells us. If not; it’s just a matter of time before we´re right back where we are today. And how many depressions and how many wars do you think we, as a species, can withstand?

We´re about to face an extinction level event, and all journalists can do is keep up with the lying.

Go figure…