Thursday, August 27, 2009

Germans, Swedes, a murderer and other idiots

If there was one bunch of people and economists that I thought had learnt their lesson, it would be the Germans. Apparently this notion is completely wrong. Earlier this year the German government nationalized a bank for the first time since the days of that funny Austrian painter. Then they got into their heads to offer their own version of ‘cash-for-clunkers’-programme and now there is serious talk about how the German banks refuse to lend enough money to the populace so the finance mentalist, Peer Steinbrück, have issued a statement claiming that the government might need to step in and provide “much needed credit”. EVER HEARD OF WEIMAR!?!? Stupid fuck…

In Sweden, as well as in other countries, the Swiney Flu is topping the headlines. Apparently it’s hard to get the vaccine out to local hospitals “in time”. Also, a couple of more people are seriously ill with the flu, and it has neeever happened before that people get the flu and get seriously ill in Sweden. That around 1500 people die each year from flu in my birth nation has somehow slipped through the cracks.

Of course people are going to die from Swine flu in Sweden, anyone thought different? And IF thousands or even tens of thousands get infected during the fall, who cares? The death-rate is miniscule, it’s less harmful than any normal flu and for many people it’s hardly noticeable. Most of the people I work with have already had it or been around people that have had it and there are no piles of dead people in my office, and no crows picking out eyes on corpses outside. The call-centre next door has hundreds of people sitting by the phone on the Swine-flu-hotline. Do you know what they do all day? Nothing! They get a maximum of 3 calls/day - all they do is sit around all day costing the tax payers a bundle and the British government have, again, put away some more people in a useless programme to cover up unemployment. So the Swine Flu don’t scare me the slightest, however, do you know what do scare me? The vaccine and all that comes with.

Ever heard of the International Swine Flu conference? I thought not, hardly any media has reported about it despite a massive turnout of 700+ health-officials, politicians and journalists from all over the world attending. If you want to learn about or read about something really scary you should check it out: - Website here, brochure here

The International Swine Flu conference took place in the US last week and among the topics were how to “control the people”, “how to effectively inoculate the populace”, how to “enforce quarantines”, “what to do with people that don’t comply” and other fun things. All in all, in reality, a conference how to best force people to do this or that, among other things, how to force people to get that needle stuck into the arm. How about that? And hardly a pip in the media! Add to this that the vaccine is still getting tested and that many cases from history shows us that vaccine can be just as or even more dangerous than the actual illness it is supposed to cure, and I’m thinking to myself: never! There is not a chance I will ever let any butcher or government cronies put a needle with vaccine in my arm and if they try to force me they better be prepared to die for it, because I’m not going down without a fight.

Speaking of the British Isles, it’s reported today that housing prices continues to rise. Of course the enemies of the people take this as a good sign. Me, I’m thinking to myself; how come that a country that has 340% of GDP in total debt, has an actual unemployment of +14% and is in worse shape than any other country, have rising prises on housing and real-estate? If you don’t understand why, throw a chewing-gum in the mouth and exhale into it…

And I have discovered that at least some newspapers are writing the truth about that killer senator that died the other day. Hopefully that poor woman Mary Jo Kopechne finally can get some peace now when her drunken assassin have left for a much warmer place with hot pokers. I’ll see down there later Teddy!