Monday, August 3, 2009

Young, blushing and ready?

I will probably be blamed for being a bigot just by putting this link out there, but this is funny shit. First I thought it was horrific, and it is, but then thinking about it I draw the conclusion this is freaking hilarious. Didn't we leave practises like this behind us, oh say, 1000 years ago?

Please visit Counting Cats in Zanzibar and read the story behind this picture:

I have checked this and it seems to be true... Have not been able to confirm it 100% yet though, but it seems to be...

Update: Several people are claiming those girls not being the ones being wed, however I have not seen any proof of this and when you watch the movie it seams very clear to me. It might be a cultural thing but I hardly see how... But I do pull down the accuracy to around 85% at this time. Check the net and see what you find and please prove me wrong...

Dirty socks will cause economic downfall

There is no stopping our enemies from conjuring up excuses for their inapt thinking. Everything goes. Anyone that have read this blog or kept up with what really goes on in the world and knows how bad the economy really is; you know things are going straight to hell. The only questions are; how bad will it be? And; how long will it last? I think the ruling elite, if not before, are also starting to realize the same. Have you seen, read or heard what they are blaming? Firstly, the Swine flu - that is supposed to hinder trade, slow down the economy and make people be sick and consequently cannot contribute to the squirrel wheel of stupidity. I have also seen “weather” being blamed and, of course, it is the scam of man-made global warming they blame as the culprit. Several articles have also spoken about Israel attacking Iran as something that can stop the economy from recuperating. But the most normal scapegoat is that “we have not done enough”. Several cornflake economists, and some politicians to the far left, wants to borrow and print and wastefully spent trillions upon trillions more than we already have. Such a move is, of course, the absolute worst thing that we can do and when those additional stimulus packages and bail-outs comes our way this autumn and winter; then that’s it. I see decades of economic, political and military upheaval ahead of us and you only need to go back and read about Weimar, the Great Depression and all that happened during and after those events to realize how bad it’s going to be. This time, however, we are in much worse shape than back then. Our debts are much much larger, our production capacity per person is horrifically low and there is no incentive left in any economy anywhere around the world to take us towards any kind of recovery. And this time it is not going to be one or two bubbles bursting, it’s going to be multiple ones, and they are still inflating those bubbles at the very moment you read this!

There is no “green shoots”, there are no lights coming at us in the tunnel - all we are seeing is temporally shifts in money from the printing press and massive governmental debts towards certain areas of the economy. This mixed with some very bad decisions from individuals borrowing on artificially low interest rates, and some positivism, and some false numbers is the things we are seeing. Banks, financial institutes and stock-markets is getting those inflationary trillions first and, lord and behold, where do we see one of those “green shoots”? All they are doing as "best case scenario" is to halter or postpone the depression and in doing so making a horrid situation much worse.

So our enemies need that scapegoat, they need someone(s) or something to blame. We do not really know who or what yet. The last time around it was Jews, greed and democracy that got blamed, a good guess is that it’s going to be Muslims, greed and capitalism this time around. But until we know for sure, as said, everything goes. They want to keep the option open so the latest illusion they are selling is that there might be an oil crisis lurking. Although this notion is completely correct for several reasons - among other things the tie between oil and USD - it is not something that can be blamed for our current dilemma. But you can be damn sure they will try it. And again they are throwing out pseudo scientists claiming that oil will run out someday. Ever heard that one before?

This is getting ridiculous and soon, maybe even you, the stupid baboons, will start seeing through this charade. Or will you?