Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once upon a time in Mexico

Again media is reporting about new fatalities courtesy of the Mexican government. As usual journalists are not putting the blame where it belongs; instead they refer to the “drug-war” as if it wasn’t politicians fault. Authorities all over the world continues to murder its citizens, both directly through so called “drug-wars” and by executions, but also indirectly since the illegality means worse drugs and an open invitation to mafia organizations.

If we legalized drugs less people would die, our prisons wouldn’t be overcrowded and the total cost for societies would go way down. Not to mention that most criminal groups would disappear. In addition we would also be masters of ourselves again. Deciding what we eat, drink, inject or snort should be each mans absolute right, but it isn’t today.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from overdoses, drug-wars and from mafia thugs, all of which have been created and are fueled by government.

Don’t blame any kingpin, blame those that should be blamed; politicians.

A glimpse into America’s future

Although it’s a well-known fact that guns and ammo in the US has sold out pretty much everywhere, you cannot really contribute that to any real upheaval situation, sadly. However, when we also add the growing succession movements that exists in several states things start to look up. Moreover we have the tea-party thingies in addition to a growing number of people demanding an audit of the fed.

But the real picture isn’t forming before we start looking at economic figures. As usual media is reporting “green shoots” were there are none. In reality we haven’t seen a single figure of the positive kind, well, with the exception for military founding. The Obamination is the worst military spending president US ever had, if not counting world war times. Nobel Peace Prize my newly shaved ass.

Official unemployment numbers have now reached double digits, and are still climbing. The real statistic is horrifying read. According to census counts (again official figures) unemployment, if counting people who have left the unemployment line without getting a job, the number is close to 17%. But it is actually much worse than that. Not only is the real unemployment-rate close to 20%, but working hours in relation to salary is going up i.e. people are working more for less pay. But the real scare comes when we are looking at industry output that is dropping like a stone.

Nevertheless, unemployment of depression levels isn’t really the problem. Media and elitists are trying to get you to focus on those, probably so they can launch some useless government stupidity and hire a couple of million people and so show adjusted numbers in the near future. They have already indicated this, more stimuli are coming soon. However, they will not have time to commence that scam to any larger degree before the real mayhem starts.

The real problems for the US, as well as the world, are the looming disasters they have built up within the banking system, within stock-markets and the soon to be crashing and burning USD. You see, unemployment as a lone problem (only one remaining according to several pundits) would be fixable. If production took off, the government hires people to dig holes in the ground or if all welfare checks disappear unemployment would go away. But all possible solution is dependent on the existence of wealth to use for such endeavors, wealth that doesn’t exist. You see, the stock market is living on newly printed money and bail-out founds tunneled through banks. It’s all air. Equities haven’t really reached the heights of before this depression yet, and according to the enemy class this is bad, but what they don’t say is that even this lower level means overvalue by 40-50%.

I could go on, but I’ve already covered all the scams and debunked most of the reports they are feeding us in other posts. Needless to say the financial future of America is so bleak that it overshadows the, in comparison, minor slump we had in the 30’s. And the US is by no means alone in this madness; pretty much every country in the world is helping out building the mother of all bubbles. What looks beforehand as being the worst disaster in human history is not far from hitting us and few countries is in worse shape than the US. Not that it really matters, the world will never be the same and the shock-waves will be felt in every cabin across the globe.

And now we are now getting reports that militia groups have increased their numbers in such a pace that over 100 new groups have formed only since the current pick-pocket in Chief got seated in office.

My hope is that it will be the American government that strikes first, so the sympathies end up where they belong. We don’t need another Oklahoma bombing, we need another Waco. We don’t need another sniper terrorizing normal folks, we need more demonstrations. The government, already heavily under fire, will sooner or later make that crucial mistake of shooting some kids, sending in the military to clean up law-abiding citizens or something of the sorts and that will be the starting of the second American Revolution.

So to my American friends I urge you to sit down and wait for a while, prepare, of course, stock up, train and be ready, but please refrain from hostilities before the general public has had enough. It may take a year or two, but it’s necessary for success.

I know that trigger finger is itching and I would love to see some senators and federal bureaucrats dangling from lamp-posts, but please hold on to your hats a little while longer.

As you probably figured out from my ramblings I see a bloody outcome in the near future, and I’m not warning about it, no, I’ll welcome it and if possible I will help out as much as I can. I believe it to be necessary for several reasons, but the main idea is for the US to once again show the rest of us the way. Maybe as a divided country, it’s very possible we’ll see two or three new countries form out of the current US.