Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once upon a time in Mexico

Again media is reporting about new fatalities courtesy of the Mexican government. As usual journalists are not putting the blame where it belongs; instead they refer to the “drug-war” as if it wasn’t politicians fault. Authorities all over the world continues to murder its citizens, both directly through so called “drug-wars” and by executions, but also indirectly since the illegality means worse drugs and an open invitation to mafia organizations.

If we legalized drugs less people would die, our prisons wouldn’t be overcrowded and the total cost for societies would go way down. Not to mention that most criminal groups would disappear. In addition we would also be masters of ourselves again. Deciding what we eat, drink, inject or snort should be each mans absolute right, but it isn’t today.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from overdoses, drug-wars and from mafia thugs, all of which have been created and are fueled by government.

Don’t blame any kingpin, blame those that should be blamed; politicians.


  1. I get hor legalization works for someone like you with no job or obligations to uphold. you can sit in your little countryhour smoking pot all day and watching yout taters grow. Not so great on the rest of us-