Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The cuckoo clubs

Since I started to really know anti-establishment groups and fridge elements from all over the world, those sorts of people have tried to get me into their warm embrace sending constant inventions to groups on Facebook, sending emails wanting me to participate in some rebellious sect, or yelling at me when I refuse to comply with crazy notions about aliens or 9/11.

I’ve been clear from the start, I believe in conveying the truth and consequently I write about and argue for proven facts. Sure I mix some over-the-top sentences and some predictions into the mix, but the basis for everything I believe in is reality.
This means I can watch “The fall of the Republic” by Alex Jones, agree with 95% of the content but still discard many claims of being too much or even idiotic. Such opinions don’t go well with the Alex Jones crowd.

I do believe in the New World Order conspiracy theorem, because most is factual, and even if there’s not always a planned plot behind it all, it doesn’t matter, the end result will be the same. I do not, however, buy moronic claims of reptilian beings living beneath the surface, Alien interventions or Owl Gods being prayed to by presidents. To be fair, those out there notions are discarded by most within this paradigm. However there is also a near to consensus that 9/11 was a staged in-house attack, planned by the CIA, Bilderberg or some other group. In addition we have the extermination thought whereas billions of people are scheduled for extinction by the elitists. Often things like Swine Flu and the vaccine are a part of such claims. I could go on, but it’s not necessary.

Although I would say it is proven that powerful men conspire to steal from us, to rule us and control us, it does not mean that such groups would risk their own lives to release diseases. And even if there are relevant questions to be asked about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, almost all of the facts and, even more importantly, common sense isn’t on the conspiracist’s side.

My main point, however, is that all these fractions of conspiracists, truthers, libertarians, anti-government and anarchists people are too much spread around. We have everyone from socialists to religious nuts living within a notion of a, or rather several, conspiracies. As a result there is a divided feeling about the whole thing that makes me think of the communists’ problem of past generations. The main reason why communists never really came to power in Sweden and other countries, and the main reason why they never been successful in any aspect, is that they have had so many groupings that fought each other that they forget to fight capitalism. Leninists against Maoists, Stalinism against Trotskistsm, socialists against communists, and many, many other infightings have gone on. The only difference really, is that lefties have a thirst for blood, not having any problems killing off people with the “wrong leftie view”.

I would urge all people to not only check what the government is doing or read about such things that may or may not be true, but also check their own preferences. If we don’t look after our own “maniacs”, others will do it for us and consequently label all of us with the same lunatic stamp. This is what the elite wants, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the conspiracies are created by government thugs spreading disinformation.

My other main point is the one I have been arguing for, namely that the far left and libertarians should come together in unison, at least temporarily. Unlike the popular leftie notion of everything being capitalism fault, and the libertarian opposite view, very little of that is actually true. We live with a middle-center policy that mixes socialism with some degree of market economy. We have restrictions on all levels, and those are growing, and it all is about power, greed and it is a kind of fascism that faces us. Mostly it’s not about right versus left; it’s about the people against the elitists.

In such a fight, libertarians have more to win together with socialists than with so called conservatives. And socialist, real ones that is, have more traits shared with libertarians then with social democrats.

The problem here is really afterwards, if we win, what then? As I’ve stated before, libertarians have very little against people living within the confines of socialism, as long as that is voluntary. If socialist could agree on this view, leaving an exist-possibility for all people if they don’t want socialism anymore, much could be won.

An example of this could be to cut Sweden in half, one half socialist, the other libertarian. Between the border is open, all people are free to move from one form of government to the other. Let the people choose. I’m not stupid, there are a lot of other problems and this is a very simplified example, but I do believe that in the fight against the banksters, the tricksters, and the elitists there is much to be won for libertarians and socialists to stand as one.

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