Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rapist fun

Apparently a man in southern Sweden tricked a woman to his apartment and raped her. The female in question tried to convince the man to, at least, put on a condom, and he probably should have listen since the woman had HIV. Besides a year or so inside one of Sweden’s resorts this rapists now also await his physicians’ verdict.

This is hilarious stuff and even if I feel sad for the woman I do hope she is rubbing her hands together going “Muhahaha…” whenever she gets the chance.

And strangely enough I have not heard or read anything about some government official claiming the victim should have warned the rapist. It is probably against the law not to do so. And it would not surprise me even a wee bit if the rapist ass-hole files a law-suit not matter if he gets infected or not. It was a traumatic experience for the poor sod I’m sure…

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