Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maybe there is hope for humankind yet...

I was outside, walking around, visiting some pubs and checking around, didn’t see anyone turning down the lights. So I though, I’m in Scotland, maybe they are a bit smarter around here but when I got home and started reading blogs and checking with my friends all over the world, not a single one had seen any kind of activity of people listing to the idiots. Only some public buildings and a couple of stupid companies had done anything to change their behavior this Saturday, showing their silliness. My little investigation is hardly something to really pay attention to in this regard and it is a Saturday after all, people might care about the environment, but they care a lot more about alcohol and getting laid. But still I choice to put some intellect behind this and call WWF’s stupidity for a big fiasco. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something more to humans except absurdity after all, but then again, tomorrow you will probably go back to preaching socialism and cry for more welfare. But sometimes you need to be happy for the smaller things and I feel in a good inebriated mood. Maybe you don’t want to kill the poor in the world after all. Thumbs up!

One country listens to WWF all the time

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