Sunday, March 29, 2009

Polar Bears should be put down

99,9% of all species that ever lived on this planet is dead, extinct, passé, gone in to the light, been turned into dust. Every year, month and week more animals die out. Nothing strange about it. Ever heard of Darwin? It might sound great to “save the whales” or to save those cuddly carnivores’ polar bears that will rip you to pieces if you come near one, but it’s just man’s idiotic way of playing God. Let ants, seagulls, palm trees or polar bears die out or live for themselves, whatever. Why do people care? And Polar Bears are actually doing great. The worldwide polar bear population is somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 today a number that has either held steady over the last 20 years or has risen slightly. And that’s more than double the 8,000 to 10,000 that were living in the 1960s. And do you know what normally kills Polar Bears? Other Polar Bears. That’s right; those furry beasts often kill their own cubs and sometimes fight each others. And because cubs usually stay with their mothers for two and a half years, the most often a female is normally capable of having a litter is every three years. This is a very slow breeding rate.

I’m having a big trouble understanding why people care about one species or the other. Why aren’t you crying about Quagga’s, Mammuths or Dodo’s? Did they die out from man-made global warming? Or how about the dinosaurs? Was there some factories or cars that killed them? Or how about the hundreds of thousands of extinct species of fish or birds? Too bad the enviro nazis wasn’t around millions of years ago; maybe we could still see some of those. It is just complete madness to try to save animals all the time. And to blame humans for the natural order of this planet with constant changes of climate, temperature and weather is so profoundly stupid that you can hardly believe it. The biggest scam and biggest lie of all time is the complete absurdity of man-made global warming. There is not one single proof of this claim, not one. But there are hundreds of well established facts that contradict the enviro nazis and their idiotism. And they use Polar Bears as an alibi for their inapt thinking. A race that is growing in numbers and are in the way of humans. The way they always do it is; they show a falling ice sheat (which happen all the time) then they show you a cute cuddly bear (that actually wants to kill us) and then they tell some lies about global warming. It’s a marketing gimmick to get more government founding and your sympathies, nothing else. It’s a scam!

And what has Polar Bears done for humans? Nothing. Why keep some animal around that we can’t use? Maybe those furs can be good warm clothes, but otherwise they are just in the way. Like in Alaska were they, thanks to enviro nazis, can stop oil drilling or housing developments. Polar bears are also responsible for killing humans; actually they even actively hunt and kill us as the only animal (according to some; Tigers also actively hunt us) on the planet. And they are, let’s face it, pretty ugly. I mean, despite being kind of bear cuddly, their long noses and floppy swaging walk style is just horrible to watch. So if we are going to do something in the Polar Bear department, we should rather go out and kill them, not protect them. They are in the way and they are dangerous and there are lots of them. We shouldn’t wait for them to drop dead by themselves or by Mother Nature’s hand, let’s do it ourselves and in the real way, not the made up kind.

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