Sunday, March 29, 2009

What is your favorite apocalypse?

If you had the choice, what way would you like us humans to be rendered extinct?

1. Alien invasion
In a way my favorite scenario. I mean how amusing wouldn’t it be with us trying to save animals and the planet while we are waging some wars and killing ourselves with socialism and religions, and then comes some space ships and bombards us into oblivion. The funniest thing would be if we actually started to use our brains and lived in peace and harmony when those Aliens pop up. That would really crack me up.

2. Asteroid/Meteors and Comets
This is one of those things we know is going to happen. Sooner or later one big hunky rock will crash down on us with the force and size to make us all go byebye. It’s not a matter of “if”, it will happen. This together with some silly Hollywood movies makes this scenario kind of fun too. And the universe is a pretty large place, there can be many of these squishing things hurling towards us right now. Within the next 50 years or so we are defenseless against them. Maybe in the future we will be able to fend them off, but let’s hope a couple of rocks come before that.

3. Coronal Mass Ejection/ cosmic rays
This is also something that is going to happen. One day the sun will ejaculate a massive sun storm in our direction which would knock out anything electronic and might also cause severe weather changes. In an instant we would go back to the Stone Age with almost all money and all communication gone. And how would humans react to not having access to Facebook and free porn all the time? Riots would ensue, governments would fall, chaos would be the collective name for it. But the sun isn’t the only source. Cosmic rays from distance might do the same or worse to our planet. It might not completely wipe us out, but modern day man without electrical dildos and no refrigerators would have a very hard time surviving with massive weather changes and chaos everywhere.

4. By our own hand
This is by far the most amusing scenario and it is something that is feasible around now. This is what I’m ranting about in my semi-believable way. There is a big chance that today’s recession turn into a massive depression and in the wake of this there is also a probability that some tiny funny men will come to power, with the consent of a stupid populace, and with the immense destructive force of nuclear weapons that are pretty much available to everyone, it might turn ugly. I admit this is not very plausible and the risk is perhaps less than most others on this list, but the risk exists and I would truly love seeing this world being turned into a gaping crater by “peace loving” and “environmentally friendly” humans. This is a hilarious scenario, especially since so many of us can say: “I told u so” while the mushroom clouds do us in.

5. Environmental catastrophe
The enviro fascists and Al Gore is preaching this like it can happen tomorrow. And even if these knuckled heads is promoting a scam, it does not exclude a real possibility of worldwide changes in weather or a new ice age. Mainly it can happen from the other things on this list and the most feasible culprit is the sun. But nuclear winter around the globe, a comet crashing down or a complete reversal of the magnetic poles might also be the villains. With hardly any food, lots of rains without factories making umbrellas and with millions of refugees traveling around with temperatures being extremely high or extremely low this too might be the end of humanity.

I know there are other things like super volcanoes or magnetic fields that also might be apocalyptical, but I don’t wanna bore you with too much information. So please make your choice in the poll to your right and let’s see what you think is the greatest way of killing all humans.

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  1. The "end of the world" is a strictly subjective matter, it comes on us one-by-one. Old age is the usual way -- unless one is SMART, as in the the story of "The Busted Stud Rooster:"

    Of course, the argument here is (rightly) that most people AIN'T!