Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is anyone surprised?

As I predicted Wanja Lundby - Wedin got”acquitted” in the sense that she didn’t lie, she is just incompetent. Well “predicted” might be the wrong word for me to use, since Mona Sahlin, leader of the social democrats, said she supported her little union hooligan everyone with a brain already knew what was going to happen. A smelly fish like Sahlin would never support anything if she didn’t know the outcome. Which would make those checking this a bit shady around the edges, but who is surprised over that? And of course the blame is somewhere else. ‘Someone’ has tricked them, ‘someone’ has got more money then they should, ‘someone’ is lurking in the shadows and stalking Wanja and aren’t there a conspiracy here somewhere against this poor defenceless and clueless woman? This is nonsense. Either this man together with some elusive accomplice has committed a crime or the entire board together with Wanja is incompetent. To sit at a press conference and only attack ‘someone’ is just ridiculous. They are going to demand that the money bee reinstituted. Why? If Christer Elemhagen has committed a crime, drag the idiot to trial, if not, he has done nothing wrong. Should he turn down the money Wanja and Co throws at him? Who would?

So in either case; does this change anything for the incompetent Wanja? Not really, she has apparent flaws and her reputation is damaged. And then there are those other boards were she have made similar decisions, so how can she argue her hate now with any decent kind of credibility? The answer is she can’t, so the best thing she still can do is to resign and take her tarnished face of the air. That would show leadership and character. But this lady loves her millions and the brute power of her position and much more so than the union and its members. And this is of course great news for the parties in power and since the current Swedish government is slightly less socialistic then Wanja and her band of bandits one shouldn’t really complain.

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