Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another murderer we should wipe out

In North America, going about your business, you might be on the lookout for some grizzly or black bear, but in reality there is a much more sinister killer roaming those woods. Each year one apparent cutie causes more human fatalities then all the carnivores put together. And it does so by kamikaze attacks on unsuspecting and innocent humans and no small numbers either. 1,5 millions of these attacks each year causes countless suffering and staggering amounts of insurance payouts and around 130-140 people dies. Even if they don’t succeed in all these reoccurring attacks, mainly thanks to human ingenuity building better cars, the ‘Cervidae’ or Dear is still a very dangerous animal. This beast, fiendishly made popular by a cartoon, should not be underestimated and I cannot believe we have not yet devised a final solution for this menace.

And one for the maybe list
And here is another animal I’m contemplating what we should do with. Apparently Almiqui (Solenodon cubanus) is of Cuban origin so I’m feeling a bit suspicious towards its existence. Those communists have a way of twisting the truth. But if it truly does exist, we should kill it just to be on the safe side. Nothing that looks like this can be anything but evil.

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