Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toads getting what they deserve

Australians know how to make things happen. They don’t sit around waiting for some fuzzy climate change; instead they go out and kill some animals on their own. In the state of Queensland Australians have come together to “catch” poisonous cane toads. The toads have to be captured alive and unharmed, examined by experts, and then killed humanely. Apparently these toads was brought to Australia to kill and eat beetles, but have since then became a pestilence in their own right.

One Mr Knuth was quoted saying:
"This is an example of how the war against cane toads can be won"

Sounds like they are having fun don’t it? I hope they do some serious Foster’s before debarking on this tale of adventure. But in either case, this is both an example of humans playing God, throwing species from one continent to the other but it is also an example of what we can do about all the animals going berserk. In Australia they also have those horrific Kangaroos jumping around hurting people. I hope they take care of that problem soon to.

One killer on the go.


  1. Cane toads är synnerligen impopulära där nere, men mannen på gatan har som vanligt mer kreativa sätt att ta dem av daga. Sök "cane toad golf" på youtube så får du se. :-D

    Dock kan man utvinna knark ur skinnet på de små asen så helt meningslösa är de ju inte, haha!