Monday, August 10, 2009

A pin cushion please

Some lowlife ‘liberals’ from Sweden’s capital Stockholm is arguing that taxpayers should pay for drug addicts syringes. Different types of Needle Exchange Programs have been tried here and there, mostly with slight improvements comes to the spread of HIV and hepatitis. In other words studies show this to be a so so way of improving health and minimizing the risk of getting diseases among needle loving freaks.

But if these people, and others, really want to help drug addicts and minimize risk, they should, of course, promote legalization. If drugs were legal they would be cheaper hence more money over for other things, like needles. If drugs were legal they could be bought at any convenient store and consequently be cleaner and come with direct instructions. With legality we would also reduce crimes because the hunt for drugs and money to buy drugs would go down and most mafia organizations would find themselves without an income. In other words if drugs were legal it would lower both the risk of infections and health costs, and it would reduce overdoses and save lives. Since every person should be their own king and decide what they want to do with their own bodies, each and everyone is also liable for what they eat or inject. Consequently any syringe purchases is also totally up to the individual.

And why should anyone be forced to pay for other human's that like to put needles into their bodies?

If some idiot feel the urge to perform a needle contest with his or her own flesh, let ‘em, but don’t expect me, or anyone else to pay for such stupidity. Legalize it instead and let people be however stupid they want to be.


  1. Do you have any idea of the underlying causes of addiction?

  2. Read it :

  3. Addiction? Can be a lot of things. Boredom, idiocy, paying taxes. And yet, other people with the same problems do not end up with a syringe in the arm, why is that do you think?