Monday, August 10, 2009

Things about to get nasty in Iran?

Khamenei has now, apparently, approved an arrest warrant against Mousavi, which could be enforced at any moment by the Revolutionary Guards. I have seen this here and there on the net and if this is true, it is very likely that bloodshed is imminent. Iran might be about to explode and I cannot helpt to wonder what this will do to oil prices… Sure the dictator Hugo Chavez might be happy for a short while, but otherwise? And what will the rest of the world do? The Obamination couldn’t be disturb from his nap in the cellar during the last big Iranian protests, will he get up from his coffin this time?

This news, among other places, can be read here: Pajamas Media


  1. The putrefying Iranian Republic is barely able to get the oil out the ground anyway.
    Should they (however unlikely) get their act together they could sell it at a higher price some years from now when the recession is over.

    Oil prices are not the problem in this case, neither for Iran or the rest of the world.

  2. Yes… because oil is such an unimportant commodity that has nothing to do with transportation, commerce or manufacturing? In a world falling apart it would be great with very high oil prices. At least all those pesky food supplies going to famine stricken countries in Western Africa will have another obstacle…

  3. Landsförrädare straffas i alla stater.