Monday, August 10, 2009

Congrats princess

Despite leaning towards the libertarian persuasion I still do possess a small degree of conservatism and consequently I feel very happy today when it was announced that the magnificent and very beautiful Swedish Princess Madeleine - Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, (Madeleine Thérèse Amélie Joséphine) – have announce an engagement with her long time boyfriend.

I know I should be advocating an abolishment of the Royals. Such an archaic institution is a symbol of dictatorship and hardly even has a place in fairytales, but it is part of our history and let’s face it; with a sexy hot woman like this who could even think about taking away her tiara? And I need to admit, her boy-toy is a handsome devil so I see sexy little cherubs popping out in the future.

The only thing that disturbs a little now when both Swedish princesses have chosen a “man of the people” to wed, is that this take away some of the reason and mystery of the royal family. To much commoner blood my conservative vein shrieks, but on the other hand, comes the revolution those things hardly matter.

Anyway, congrats ‘Madde’ and get of those pills – the hallways of the royal palace need the sound of tiny feet’s going pitter patter.

Stolen picture from Aftonbladet:


  1. So you finally came out of the closet as a conservative! shame on you!