Thursday, December 13, 2012

Autocracy grows while the world crashes

Remember this when that rusty pipe of financial Armageddon penetrates you... 

As you should know by now our global debt serf system is very effective – and in spectacular fashion our economies are slowly (but surely) moving towards a financial abyss. Keynesians and socialists are still screaming that we need more debt while conservatives claiming to be against certain expenses, want to keep or expand others. Unions, pensioners, and other groups are looking for their handout and whenever anyone mentions cuts; the anger from such groups can be measured on the Richter scale. Teachers, pundits and journalists all in unison claim we need more government involvement in the economy while people keep voting for the same political parties and ideas as they always vote for.

In essence nothing has changed other than that more and more people has awaken to the realization that the world economy is getting worse and worse.

Sadly the way forward is dictated by the very same malicious entities that created our problems. Of course they in turn are eagerly applauded and cheered on by the very same clueless morons that sold and packaged the original scams, and they in turn are enthusiastically mentioned on the news as our saviors.

Consequently things are getting worse by the minute.

Reading news article comments and listening to friends I could conclude that we have had a rude awaking. Even a few journalists seem to have realized where this is heading. Sadly, as eluded to above, people only see the consequences, present and future, but they don´t see the why or the road traveled to reach this point.

And if we don´t understand why we ended up with The Greatest Depression and if we don´t know the road traveled  how can we turn this around?

The answer is; we can´t.

This is the biggest difference now, with this crisis, in comparison with all other economic crashes of history; there is only one way out and any suggested alternative will not just fail, it will in fact make things worse.

No inflationary policy will save us, no additional spending will bring forth prosperity, no new laws will create jobs, and no matter how many times our great and fantastic leaders fly private jets to meet in order to discuss - they cannot do anything to turn this around. It doesn't matter how much lefties scream - and get - more rules and more excessive expenditures. It has no meaning if we close down our boarders to keep any elusive immigrants away from our women and jobs.

We cannot get out of this and we will have an enormous financial collapse dwarfing that of the 30´s – nothing can stop that now.

What is even worse than our pending and unavoidable crash is that there is nowhere out up ahead either. From our leader’s perspective, from the viewpoint of economists, and with the perception of most people in mind, we cannot solve this. It cannot be done. Consequently we´re not talking about 5 years or 10 or 15 years of recession/depression, we´re basically talking forever.

Recession/depression for all time… Fun isn´t it?

The reason is that the system is dependent on debt and constant price increases. If prices go down and debts in general go down, the system implodes. Automatically. To me, and anyone that actually understands economy and finance, prices going down is a good thing and debts created outside of production is a bad thing and if going down or become eliminated; it’s a great. But our current system of Fractional reserve banking, constant inflation and new exotic derivatives popping up every week lead mainstream fools to conclude that prices and debts going down is a bad thing and if that occurs cornflake-economists and politicians will squeal about lacking cash-flow or that we´ve have a credit crunch.

If you understand this you also understand that the ONLY way out (which no one will consider or take) is to let it all crash and fail, and consequently that we, afterwards, set up a better more rational financial system.

Of course there are three other ways we can get out of this mess; 
      1)      Alien intervention.
A benevolent Alien race, or ourselves from the future, arrive to fix it for us.
      2)      Devine intervention.
Benevolent God(s) arrive to fix it for us.
      3)      A massive increase in productivity
For example; cold fusion is invented alongside a cure for every illness and everyone get clean water. This is only a temporary fix though, but would let them run the scam for another decade or two.

Since these three options are very unlikely to occur it only leave us with one way out; Capitalism.

Yes, I know, you think we have capitalism. You think that capitalism is the same as corporatism. The rich is getting richer and Goldman Sachs rules the world. Businesses are getting bailed out while workers get fired. IMF and the Euro is the same as capitalism run amok.

Sadly many believe in such fairy-tales and socialists believe in it so wholeheartedly that they, despite seeing most of the problems of the world (which often is what make them socialist), cannot get out of their fabricated world view.

If you believe that central banks, centralized power, and a mammoth law system is the same as capitalism, you´ve totally misunderstood the entire idea. If you believe that George W Bush or the Tories or the moderate party of Sweden represent capitalism, then you´re not informed.

I already know that we will not choice the path of righteousness, freedom and prosperity, and so the bankruptcy- and debt game will continue and with it so will our continuous decline. The only question in my mind at the moment is; will there be another world war?