Friday, July 1, 2011

The lovely prelude to the Greatest Depression

Yesterday Oily Greeks voted to keep siphoning cash from other countries while the first real riots shock the city of Athens. The Greek parliament, ignoring hired thugs looking to kill dogs and beat up demonstrators outside, voted yes to cheaply give away airports, roads, gas, electricity and water to anyone owning a big fat bank. Not that am against privatization, on the contrary, this is a good thing as a whole.

The problem I can see here with auctioning out Greek infrastructure and public companies is twofold: First of all some of that cash being used to buy bargained down Greek stuff comes from the very same banks that helped Greek governments to lie to and cheat the rest of the world that all was well i.e. to a certain extent it will be the same cash that was stolen from the people in the first place. Banks that should have been sized (and/or burned down) and banksters that should be dangling from lampposts but, instead, has got away with it. Again.

And so when the Greek people see their government selling off their entire country to their “pals” in banks (or to those who borrow from the same banks) do you really think they should be happy about it? And secondly, albeit true that the entire country is a screwed-up mess filled with tax-cheats and fraudulent dealings, this “forced” privatization will not really generate positive happy feelings. How would you feel if shadowy organizations - pressured by the same banks that helped you got into the mess - forced your country to sell national treasures to the very same banks?

It’s not hard to see why hardcore lefties and nationalistic fucks are gaining momentum. Yet again EU/EMU have created what they are said to be a safeguard against. This they managed together with really good help from Evil Inc, Goldman Sachs, and their bankster pals.

At the same time as the mentioned Greek tragedy goes on and while the people of Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and Italy eagerly await their turn, and before everything really goes to shit our Masters spare no time trying to convince us how great it is with debt.

Don´t worry about debt, they say. Debt on a certain level is good for the economy. Consume today, pay tomorrow. No worries, lets follow the Robert Mugabe school of economics! Yey!

Just like the Greek fiasco is a offset that never happened before and never will happen again...

And cornflake economists are out in force - eager to please their masters they argue that debt is a good thing, that FIAT currencies aren´t so bad and that collectivism is the way to go. Such individuals should be on the very top on your hit-list (as a Greek today, but the rest of you tomorrow) because they should know better, and many of them do. Journalists, useless as always, should be next. Thereafter you should target politicians and then the crème de la crème – BANKS! Not that all journalists, all politicians or all banksters deserve to be dangling from lampposts, but just to be sure I would include all of them. Better to be safe than sorry.

Only months left now though. Only months left until the lies will be forced out in the open. Only months until the worst economic depression in the history of this planet strikes fear in all. Only months until marching boots make a comeback. Only months left until you´ll realize what I and many other have been warning about for decades. This is it, the end of the road.

Are you prepared?