Monday, October 18, 2010

Black Monday followed by a horrible rest of the year?

Yesterday was a cut off hand still wiggling on the ground while blood spurted all over the place. It was yet another black day on humanities road towards the chasm of absolute darkness.

As usual it was the market manipulations that made the day hilarious to say the least.

We got news that foreigners continue to acquire U.S. Treasury securities despite their low yields, and despite the obvious frauds. Foreigners need to consider both the additional exchange rate risk and the lower expected return, making it very irrational for non-Americans to invest in U.S. treasury securities.

Makes you wonder who the buyer really is, doesn’t it? Oh, it couldn’t be any of the foreign banks that got some hundreds of billions in dollars from the FED (and others) bail-out, right? And it is not other failing governments propping up the dollar and the market. Certainly not…

But the fun was really up and running when we were told that:

“NYSE Euronext cancelled all trades in the $74.8 billion SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust that occurred at almost 10 percent below the security’s opening price, according to an email sent by the exchange."

This is the same as to say that the market crashed but they halted it by simply refusing people to trade… Or, in layman terms, FUCK YOU! WE CONTROL THE MARKET!

And China decided to, again, cut export quotas for rare earth metals next year by up to 30 percent. China, which accounts for more than 90 percent of the world's total production of rare earth, has cut its export quotas this year by 40 percent from 2009 levels. You may not look at this as something that is that bad, but consider that these rare earth elements are used in crucial new green technologies such as hybrid cars and wind turbines as well as in mobile phones and missile guidance systems, and consider that China provides almost all of that to the rest of the world, and maybe you understand.

China is of course saying they need to save their supply so they won’t run out, but it’s really another protectionist action which will have more impact than the obviousness of much higher prices on several key products within our modern economy.

Meanwhile in several areas of Africa the countdown towards a massive famine catastrophe continues, hardly even noticed in the rest of the world. Niger, Chad, Mali Mauritania, and many other countries and areas are filled with hundreds of thousands of children who are severely malnourished; and people’s most precious asset, their livestock, has died in large numbers. The autumn harvest doesn’t seem to have filled up the necessary quota and we’re only half a step from those tens of millions dead I was talking about 2 years ago.

So if I’m right about the next financial crash being just around the corner, we’ll be looking at so many heaps of dead in Africa I suspect cannibalism will be the next big thing. Probably something for the banking cartels to consider trading in - very easy to manipulate the livelihood of gnawing on human flesh. Me, I am looking forward to seeing newly acquired inner thighs from a 7y old who died from malnourishment on the shelves.

Zombieland indeed.

Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll finish off with some side-splitting news from Sweden where the government isn’t too happy with the current low death-toll among our under-equipped soldiers. Apparently the Swedish forces in Afghanistan will embark on a southward move to more unsecure locations. This conflict that has nothing to do with Sweden on the other side of the world with “enemies” that has never, not even once, done anything against us, is about to take a more bloody color.

And it appears that many of my countrymen love this so much that each coffin landing back home is a reason to sign up to join the slaughter. Applications to go abroad to help out with the murder of Muslims is souring.

Do I even need to argue the case of the “everyone on this planet is an idiot” theorem anymore?

Finally we were told that government own enterprises in Sweden that were supposed to be sold off, will haft to wait. What I thought would at least buy a small respite for my birth-nation when the real financial mayhem starts, will likely not happen any time soon which brings me back to the ‘we are all fucked’ scenario.

On a high-note I’ll be happy to inform that my stock-pile of suger is sufficient. Still looking for other basic goods, such as guns, a shortwave radio, and information about how to best kill zombies, but at least some preparations are on the way. Can you say the same?