Monday, August 8, 2011

Having fun yet?

No means yes!

3 years ago, and several times since, you were asked to bend over and grab your ankles while banksters, politicos and journalists grabbed a rusty thick pipe and shoved it up your...

... how does it feel today? A tad sore? Oh, still not had enough eh?

Well, how about letting ECB do some pushing...

Or why not let a huge squid put its tentacles around you...

Let’s get back to you and your rectum later. Now let´s talk London!

Riots eh? Who would have ever thought and predicted this... apocalypse nowish did

... and now we learn that both Martial Law and setting in the military to quell these youngsters is discussed. Oh no, who could possibly have seen this one coming? apocalypse nowish did

It is easy to react with that gut feeling - Shoot the bastards!

But first of the cuddling and progressive policies that created the Greatest Depression also created a generation of lazy kids told they are evil if they smoke, eat salt or eat too much fat. Are they suddenly more evil because they throw rocks? A dangerous generation that values “status” above principles, materialism above civilization and has no concept of “improvement” since everything from the cradle to the grave is handled, controlled, taxed and decided by those deemed better. Are we supposed to be surprised that such a generation goes berserk when banksters and politicos keep getting richer and more powerful while peoples “free” buffet is diminished (they may need to take a job!!) and a father of three is killed by the police?

The one-eyed scot that ruined UK, joined up in several wars and pissed away almost their entire gold stash long before today’s gold levels, is liable, but the entire politically correct sphere of politicos, journalists and parent groups should share the blame. What did you idiots think would happen?

Am not saying this as an excuse. Of course not. Am just saying it’s not in any way a surprise, and funny enough: this is only the beginning. We´ve yet to see the real fallout. If these teens and a angry mob does this now, what do you think they will do comes the Greatest Depression?

You need to understand this so you know who to blame:
Remember what they said a couple of years ago? They needed to borrow shitloads, they needed to print even bigger shitloads, and they needed to save the “too big to fail´s”. In essence they handed over trillions to big megabanks and to government(s) so they could go forth and buy already overvalued stocks, bonds and real-estate. Just so things would get worse...

The elitist sphere rejoiced, journalists were giddy with excitement and the only pundits let through the outlets were those who demanded much more of the same madness. History teach us that such measures never worked before, and math tells us it never can work. They still did it, and most of you either silently approved or cheered them on.

It’s time to face the music. The fat lady is about to sing and when she does all hell will break lose.

Your problem is mainly that you don´t think it can get so bad. Most of you have never seen anything like what is about to happen, you cannot phantom it. So you shrug it off and say people like me are tin-foil hats.

What’s going on in London now and earlier in Muslim countries is only the prelude. I suspect they will stop the riots this time and more than likely use them as an excuse to impose more restrictions, more laws and more surveillance.

The harder things spin out of control, the harder the hammer will come down...

But let´s get back to you and Uranus.

I know you haven´t had enough yet. There´s still an inch or two left before that pipe burst through your intestines into your stomach. So let´s see what printing-cash Bernie and the Obamination does next!

They will certainly come up with a new scheme, just as many other Great Leaders will. They will play out their last cards now. ONE. FINAL. TIME. A final time they may be able to “save us”, and in doing so make things much, much worse. So look out for massive interventions, printing presses going into overdrive and such.

Back in 2008 (actually long before that) we should have imposed austerity measures, cut government in half, raised interest rates and stopped printing money. That would have crashed the system yes, true, but it would have been temporary. A few years of a minor depression we could have handled.

Instead they choose to do the opposite and in doing so worsen the crisis and take away all other options. Today when they are actually starting to talk about doing the right thing they still do much of it with even more freshly printed cash. Hyperinflation? Anyone?

And doing the right thing now will of course lead to riots. Riots much, much worse than anything seen so far. People are angry, and that anger will only increase. Seeing how a fattie with Napoleon complex gets away with adultery (and rape) while those above keep lunching away on the taxpayers dime, and while big megabanks keep increasing their own pay checks- also curtsey of the taxpayer- how can people then not get angry when politicos decide to withdraw a “free” buffet of tasty welfare?

Whether those in charge wants to or not, and no matter what socialists say, they haft to do this. They must cut welfare. A lot. Will you stand for it? Of course not. Then you may need to work for a living. Horrible thought.

So more riots cometh soon - much, much worse riots with plenty of dead.

Also today, at this very moment before our Great Leaders next pile of schemes, we´re not talking about another Great Depression or THE Greatest Depression anymore. We´re beyond that. Our lives, humankind, this planet, all of it is about to change. Dramatically. Am talking Mad Max and Resident Evil bad. Yes, I know, you still refuse to believe me.

You will though.


In the meanwhile you can keep squeezing that sphincter. Who known’s, maybe you even like it?

Or, perhaps, you could play a game? Just to prepare...

Obama says U.S. remains 'AAA country'

My name is Obama...

...and mine is Bagdad Bob

...Obama speaks...

...Bagdad Bob speaks...