Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Government at work

I will eat the unemployed

Apparently this is how you solve the unemployment problem...

Fuckin hilarious!

Next they will try to fix the problem with the collapsing dollar by offering government founds to anyone inventing a new way of flying. Remember where you read it first!

The interest rate screw-up and more lies

As per usual our masters of despair continue to lie to the general public. Today in Sweden we´re reached by news that the central bank, Riksbanken, raised the base repo rate by 0.25 percent to 1.75 percent. Although this is the correct way to go it’s not only too little too late, it is also accompanied by very strange arguments.

For example the continuous lie unions (and everyone else for that matter) should see through and react to. What I mean is that the Riksbank observed that: “while underlying inflation remained low in Sweden, it is expected to rise as the rate of wage increases accelerates and spare economic capacity declines”.

This is a total and malevolent lie. The entire statement is so wrong is laughable.

First of all inflation in Sweden is high. Price increases, that happens because of inflation, is kept lower than expected but continues upwards since inflation takes time to reach the entire economy. And when these cornflake economists and mainstream pundits talk about inflation they talk about prices or CPIF or CPI, not the actual inflationary number.

Secondly inflation has NOTHING to do with wage increases. This is by far the worst lie for any laborer.

Wage increases can and should increase over time with better production and new inventions at the same time as prices goes down, and so this has NOTHING to do with inflation. The only considerable reason why they continue to spread such a blatant lie is to hide what they are actually doing. To hide what inflation really is. Because if you don´t know what inflation is you also don´t know what it does to you and how robbed you´ve been.

The wage-price-spiral taught in schools and that of which these four-winged amoebas seem to talk about is a total lie. In fact it’s the complete opposite of what is true.

Before you continue read this older post.

Since only libertarians and their acolytes actually acknowledge what inflation is, what it does, and how to fix it, it means that only this group stands on the side of the poor and the working class. You´ve never heard that one either I guess?

Socialists argue they are the defender of the poor and the working class since they want to hand out benefits and offer imaginary government jobs, conservatives and the rights say they are the defender of the poor and the working class since they want to keep government smaller and so the general economy gets better as if it’s a magic trick. But only libertarians really fight for the poor and the working class since libertarians are the only ones that want to stop inflation and stop the lying. NOTHING, no taxes up or down, no law, no government entity, no bank or bureaucrat is worse for the poor and the working class than inflation, and if you haven´t figure this out you simply don´t know what inflation is.

Going back to the initial lying you also need to understand that interest rates of today should be around 5-6% only to, in accordance to mainstream beliefs, keep inflation in check. To curve the massive housing bubble in Sweden and stop the overspending by a stupid populace we should add another 2-3%. So to be on the safe side interest rates should be over 10%. That is today, before the worldwide crash. Soon we´re more than likely talking three or even four digits.

Journalists, banksters and puppet masters ruling us say or imply that interest rates need to be kept down in order to stimulate borrowing and spending. In essence more debt and more stuff we don´t need is the answer to all prayers.

Consume today, pay tomorrow.

He who has the most stuff when he dies wins.

Don´t worry about debt. Debt on a certain level is good for the economy.

I even saw a bankster in a paper the other day claiming that Sweden’s deficit, which is closing in on 20% of GDP, is too low. We can spend again. Such idiots should be on the very top of your hit list. Make a note of anyone saying anything so loony. He or She should be, in a near future, weighed in for a hardy rope and a proper lamppost.

Have you ever seen or heard mainstream cornflake economists be correct?

Before the crash of 2007-2008 everything was dandy, so was also all’s well before the dot-com bubble bursted, and as well before the “Great Depression”. They´ve never predicted anything correctly. Never.

The Swedish central bank, just as all central banks, is the enemy of the people. Their only purpose is to make the rich richer and cover up government failures. And soon, very soon, you´ll see the real fall-out of our current policies, and the ones that will suffer the most are the poor and the working class. Sadly those groups will turn towards socialism and/or “a Great Leader” as they always have before, all while we libertarians continue to be 100% correct and predict accurately what happens next... Go figure...