Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Change we can believe in!!

Hallelujah, the Messiah and savior of the world B. Hussein Oduma, blessed be his name, have issued a decree stating that all is well in the land of the not-so-free and cowardly. Apparently his holiness has seen the future and based on upward going GDP numerals we are sure to look ahead at the sacred year of 2010 with blessed feelings.

This prophecy from the loving and caring Kenyan is based on such divine signs as:

Sales of businesses in LA County fell 32% last year from 2008 which in turn had fallen 17% from the year of 2007. And California is facing a deficit of $41.6 billion - nearly half of projected revenues

CPI measurement show 2.8% with practically Zero interest rates

Real unemployment figures show 17% with no signs of going down and the employment-participation rate fell to a 25-year low 64.6% from 64.9%, the largest decline in nearly 15 years.

During 2009 it was only one sector that really showed growing figures; Military expenditure and shipments. And US arm sales hit a record last year thanks to the sales to the oil rich Arab states... And the Messiah himself is spending more money on military than any president in history, except for Roosevelt during WW II. (A plus for GDP numbers you know…)

The deficit is closing in on two trillion dollars. During the coming 5 years or so the US government needs to conjure up close to 14 trillion extra dollars.

The American stock market is around 50% overvalued on the best long-term measure, which adjusts profits to allow for the economic cycle. They are trading on the presumption that GDP will go up 4-5% each year, and they’ve been doing so for a long while now.

The American economy is over 70% consumer based.

Another 800+ billion has just been approved to (AGAIN!) bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the same time as a multimillion-dollar compensation packages for the top 12 executives at the two firms are in line to receive up to $42 million in 2009 alone.

Over 140 banks closed down during 2009, every single one of them had docked the books showing overvalue up to 60% (!!!).

And the banks are STILL approving loans with DTIs over 40% and, in many cases, with layered risks.

Treasury debt has a serious duration problem - nearly half (about 40%) has a maturity of one year or less. This means that Treasury must roll over that debt - about $3 trillion worth - "or else."

Commercial real-estate is a rapidly down-moving market with lots of leases up for renewal during 2010 and NO ONE is renting, everyone is getting out.

And the list goes on and on and on…

And his righteousness pronouncement of the magical GDP-numbers is surely to make any doubting soul to put his trust in the holy city of Washington.

This is how GDP normally is calculated.

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

What the equation tells us, among other things, is that if Government spends more, GDP goes up. And it doesn’t matter what the money is spent on. It can be daycare, roads or flowers, it does not matter. According to GDP-calculation it is beneficiary to have people dig holes in ground, fill them up again, and do this over and over. So the trillions that has been borrowed, printed and spent to pay for necessary things like sandier beaches along the East Coast, weather measure stations, subsidies to farmers, bail-outs to failing firms, and youth camps - will increase GDP.

So I hope you can sleep safely now, your soul is in good hands. The ‘moral compass’ of the beloved leader and sanctified manifestation of B. Hussein Oduma with his miraculous Nobel Peace Prize have blessed us all. 2010 will truly be a magnificent year…


It took the de-gayed Brown character less than a day before he offers healthcare to everyone. What a fuckwit, screwing over his voters even before getting his seat. Scumbag couldn't even wait 24 hours before going back on the only campaign promise that got him elected. Stupid neocons who voted for him, they should have voted for the only real candidate independent Joseph L. Kennedy (no relationship with the rotting corps of murderer Teddy)

Scott Brown (R) news conference can be seen here

So there may be ChaneyCare instead of ObamaCare, whopidoda… The two-party system is a scam, I wonder when Americans are going to figure this out.

Unrelated incidents reinforce the build-up

The great leader of the British isles, Gorgon Brownie, have decided to turn his puckered poopster towards America and follow his fellow emperors in imposing a "no-fly list" to stop suspected terrorists from travelling to the UK while other individuals under suspicion will undergo thorough checks. Direct flights between Yemen to UK are also to be suspended until concerns about their safety are addressed.

Why not suspend flights from Iran? Iraq? Saudi? Egypt? Newcastle? Oh, they will come…

Together with other measures, like the pornographic full body scanners and new teams of intelligence officers who will seek to identify individuals who present a threat to security, this will in affect make travelling harder. This isn’t the intention, but to a certain degree it will be the consequence.

So what about trains? Boats? Busses? Are terrorists really only going after airplanes? Been there, done that so to say, so why would any Alky Aida member only look to flying machines? Isn’t that both boring and expected? Wouldn’t it be smarter and more original to hijack a superliner?

Oh, I’m not giving the Great Gorgon any ideas, I’m sure he’s already thought of that. So that will be, or already is, the next step.

History tells us that one of the first things to go before a great upheaval is roads. As soon as travel cannot be assured trade goes down, people feel less secure, exchange of information goes down and development and wealth deteriorate. Modern day travel (roads) has much to do with air flight…

Oh, I know what you are about to say, what about internet? Surely most trade and interaction can be made online? Well yes, but let’s look what’s behind door number 2; SWIFT, ACTA, IPRED, and lots of other funnies to destroy the information high-way…

What can be interpreted as unrelated news we find that China apparently plans to reduce lending by its banks. Now this is something that has to be done in some countries, China being one of them. But fears have risen that this will hurt the worldwide economy, and rightly so. Not that this is the problem or will cause any new collapse by itself, it won't, but remember both Germany’s and Japan’s trade surpluses have somewhat to do with how much China spends. Also, remember the close relationship between China and the USD.

Also, several US banks are showing horrific numbers. Granted some of them can be ‘explained’, but it doesn’t look very good considering that most of these banks are insolvent. If you’ve paid attention to the 100+ banks that have gone into receivership in the US, they’ve been overvalued by tens of percent, some as much as 60% and this scam is ongoing, throughout the system. To this we have many commercial real-estate loans up for renewal now in February and Mars, the ongoing hoax of derivatives and so on. Of course the crocks at Goldman Sachs and other fraudulent institute are still showing profits, would be strange otherwise with the robbing, stealing and constant support they get from their pals in Washington. But add this together and it is a ticking time-bomb.

Now, only based on what I’ve just told you, you should be heading for the hills, alternatively grabbing after pitch-forks and torches. But of course things are a lot worse and more intricate than this, so when I tell you that we are utterly, completely, totally fucked beyond any fucked up fuckedi-fuck ever seen before, I hope you heed my warning.

These are only the tip of the eroding glacier, there are far worse things going on, but these are the sort of signs to look for when you decide what to do in the near future.

No guns for Negroes

With reports coming in about defenseless Haitians getting harvested for organs or sold as sex-slaves, and the religious war in Nigeria rages on, it is hard to not again refer to how ordinary citizens lack the means to protect themselves.

Throughout history we’ve many accounts on how the ruling elite or a conquering power have almost always, as first decree, outlawed people from carrying and owning weapons. Just as our modern day government. Why? The reason is the same today as back then, to make any insurrection harder and to make the common man defenseless hence afraid hence people need to rely on government for protection.

These small little clips show this in a good way:

More about the Haitian situation

Another article from the Wall Street Journal (of all places) that argues that the constant help packages being sent to Haiti do more harm than good. Read here

Personally I haven’t sent anything and I won’t either. As long as there’s no demands being issued towards Haitians to create a state based on capitalism I don’t see the point. If, in best case scenario, my aid would reach someone who needs it, how long will that person(s) survive? A day? A week? With all the billions streaming in from all over the country in question can survive a couple of months, maybe half a year?

Then what? - Well its back to poverty, misery, starvation and leftie governance.

They might need some catastrophe aid, even a developed country with a functioning market economy may have needed some extras, but there it should stop. By all accounts they’ve already gotten too much, not too little as people who wants to feel better about themselves argues.

That’s what this is about you know; that goodie-good-good feeling that comes to morons when they think they’ve helped someone by sending a couple of bucks.

You’re not helping! In fact, at least seen over time, any aid sent above that already squandered, will help to keep the country down in dirt-shit poverty.

How many dictators, hurricanes, earthquakes and rebellions will Haiti suffer before they, and you, realize that throwing temporary money around doesn’t help?

Wilders, burqa and the mainstream idiots

While UKIP in Britain have issued a statement that they think that burqa should be outlawed, Geert Wilders, one of Holland's most popular politicians, goes on trial in Amsterdam for calling the Koran a "fascist book" and Islam a "backward culture".

Media would like you to think that these two events should be packed together with the Swish vote about minarets and National Socialism. Geert Wilders is called a right-wing nut, UKIP has become as racist at BNP and everyone defending them in any way is fascists and extremists.

This is, of course, not true.

Although I sort of disagree with Wilders about Islam I still need to state that all religions are nutty and contains fundamentalism, and extremist Islamists should be regarded as enemies to all forms of democracy and freedom. But I can still respect people’s opinion and their religious beliefs. Whatever cloud-dwelling deity idiots believe in, it is their business, not mine. I don’t care if they pray to Buddha, Christ or a couple of shoes, I couldn’t care less. It is when their beliefs and their actions gets imposed on my life, hinders my opinions and my beliefs I get a bit testy.

So when some people, politicians, intellectuals, cartoonists or others, need 24-hour security when they have done nothing but lawfully express themselves, I always defend such individuals, no matter what the politically correct, Muslim groups or socialists say.

The PVV, Geert Wilders party, isn’t politically mainstream, which is probably why mainstream media and pundits loath it. Its roots lying not in neo-Fascism, nativism, conspiricism, antisemitism, or other forms of extremism, but in libertarianism and mainstream conservatism. With the exception for the anti-Islam standpoint this is actually one of Europe’s best political entities. That is not to say ‘perfect’ or my cup of tea, but still in comparison with most others, whom actually holds many fascist views, PPV isn’t that bad.

Wilders will stand alone before a Dutch court. But make no mistake: it is the very principle of free speech which hangs in the balance there. And so no matter what you may think about this character and his political views, he should you support.

In regards to the UKIP policy I think it is wrong; whatever people voluntarily put on their bodies is their business. Besides I see this as a political tactic rather than anything else. Trying to steal some BNP and labour voters and hoping that the so, so libertarian voters stay with.

If Wilders would lose in court and if all this PC-crap is allowed to continue, people will react in complete opposite to what the elitists and mainstream morons seemingly wants. People will vote for the “racists”, because no-one listens. The consequence of prosecuting and hunt down those who criticize Islam and Muslims, that mainly are voicing a general feeling, will only have the effect of growing such sentiments into a much worse situation.

They’ve tried it for so many years now. Ignoring, bashing, bullying all the so called “racist” parties, it haven’t worked, which any intelligent person knew beforehand. It’s a stupid tactic. Especially stupid when you know that most of the immigration problems have been created by the very people who criticize those who criticize the problem.

Haiti get more quakes

The leftie nation of Haiti that had some misfortunes lately was just stricken by another one, this measured 6,1.

I do hope the looters, the gangs, and the crocked politicians are safe and okay. How else can they keep stealing aid pouring in?

A tip is this add-on from Mozilla: eQuake Alert 3.5.0

Kind of fun having the screen shake like it’s having an orgasm and knowing that people are running for their lives somewhere in the world.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

When you’ve reached a certain level of enlightenment and acquired some knowledge on how the world works, you cannot help feeling amazed every time you watch the enemy class trying to convince us that there are differences between established parties.

Today was such an event in Sweden when the Political Parties respective leader debated at Parliament.

Oh, what a trainwreck.

Surrounding the speakers at parliament sat the coalition of four-winged soul killers elected by duped constituencies. On cue applauding whenever appropriate, but a look into their eyes and you soon realize that they would like to do nothing else then to go back to their office where they can conjure spirit manifestations of the powers, set them on people. Influence them, haunt them...

I'm also sure that the tales of anxious activity between the powers that be was mainly seen on TV by the sheople who are attuned and trained by their masters in obedient school. Widely cheering for their respective master and booing at made-up enemies.

Other listeners will, of course, be the spin-doctors whose job now becomes to enlighten us mere mortals what was said, who said it, what clothes they had on while saying it, and quoting some well thought-up puns.

Well… and then the few out there, like myself, that find this sort of thing almost as humorous as an Earthquake striking a deeply poor and socialist country.

It is hard to find any real differences between the established parties. Listening to a debate like this only confirms what you already know; they are all in cahoots. Pure undiluted evil pours out of from each one of them. They all what us to vote, they all want us to pay our taxes, they all want to control our lives, and they all want us to be good little sheople running inside that wheel without complaints.

3 years has passed since the current government took power. Has anything changed? Look around you, check you valet, what is really different? Sure they’ve cut a couple of taxes, but they have also increased others. Put right hand on your heart and hold a bible/Koran (or whatever) in your left hand and think really hard, have anything changed? They say so in media, the opposition complains, but to you, is there any difference you can even mention? I don’t think you can.

The structure is the same, those in power are the same people, media still write the same things, and banks are still stealing our money.

And listen to what they are saying. I mean really listen and understand. How much difference is there? 1-2% in taxes? One less department with one group of puppet masters and one more with the other group?

How any thinking adult can believe that there’s a real distinction between these evil-doers is beyond, way beyond any dimension of understanding.

The whole debate can easily be summarized by the following:
“I'm not stealing. I-I-I'm just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing? That one is my enemy, everything he/she/it does is evil, but I am the good guy. I will not change anything, but I will change nothing better than the evil one will. The evil one will not change anything either, but oh so evil he/she/it is.”

This is a showcase, a spectacle of theatricals meant to dupe you into believing in something that doesn’t exist. While they elongate their mouths to engulf its victim's heads with its incisors – police, social workers, bureaucrats etc – they are laughing at you in dark rooms sitting in leather chairs stroking a white furry animal while going Muhahaha…

As long as so many of you out there really buy this scam, nothing will ever change.