Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Messiah hands out new decrees

The great leader of the western world, Mr. Oduma, the pick-pocket in Chief of United Socialist States of America, has told senior officials that the failure to anticipate the latest attempted terror attack was a "screw-up".

So now officials have moved dozens of names on to "watch" and "no-fly" lists, as they seek to overhaul security. One can only assume that means that yet more patriots, libertarians, Muslims and right-wing people will haft to make do with overtaxed cars in the future.

The most warmongering president in American History also seem to be compliant with the Saudi’s request to send more “observers” to Yemen, since the underwear-terrorist came from alleged “training camps” in that country. Gorgon Brownie, who made sure to lose a couple of tons of explosives in Yemen the other day, have already blinked with his good eye several times so the two saviors of the world seem to be in agreement – it’s time to turn another poor country into a graveyard.

In the meanwhile the US re-opened its embassy in Yemen on Tuesday, following what it called successful counter-terrorism operations by government security forces on Monday north of the capital. One can assume this means they successfully bombed a couple of families and knocked of some pesky babies, God knows we need less of those, just ask the millions of refugees in Pakistan that still carries too many.

And Der Fatherland's Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have also dispatched two malignant thugs -- Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute, her top intelligence official, and Assistant Secretary for Policy David Heyman -- on a worldwide outreach effort to improve aviation security for U.S.-bound flights.

The circuit of Napolitano's demonic helps includes Amsterdam, Britain, Belgium, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria and Brazil. Their goal is to lay the groundwork for agreements to improve security technology and policies i.e. to stop pesky bloggers, Muslims and people that don’t pray to Mr. Oduma. The discussions overseas are also likely to focus on increased sharing of information about airline passengers, which means that those that are fortunate to be able to fly to the ever faster declining Socialists States of America will be closely watched and put on several lists.

And in the meanwhile Internet fascism is growing; the economy goes further down the drain, Mr. Oduma continues to build his training camps for Americas Socialist Youth, and the Fourth Reich soldiers in the Middle East keeps murdering more Muslims. Oh, this will end so well…

No Chemo please

Apparently the Irish Finance Mentalist, Brian Lenihan, is to begin a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy following the discovery of cancerous tissues in his pancreas.

With any luck this is something that not only spread throughout this mentioned piggy, but also has an effect all over Europe with politicians of all sizes falling ill with what we can only hope is incurable sickness. Preferably it comes with lots and lots of pain as well. The only problem is that modern medical science can keep them alive for too long, and that pain thingy is most likely wishful thinking. They should be made to suffer immensely, but I take whatever I can get so if one little piggy went to the cancer ward, I’ll can rejoice a tad.

The only real leader in the western world?

Iceland's president has refused to sign a controversial bill that demands that the public accept paying for the consequences for a handful of banksters whom robbed the nation and looted its Treasury.

Around 70% of the Icelandic population appears to oppose bailing out the criminal banksters, so the president did what should do, and now lawmakers must either drop the bill or put the matter to a referendum.

There’s one problem, the former Icelandic government had apparently promised to secure the founds and partly for this reason the leaders of other nations are threatening to cut Iceland out of the EU and that the country will have problems interacting with the international financial system. Well, if that’s the case, they get two additional huge bonuses in this. Maybe I should consider moving to Iceland?
Fantastic news for Iceland and a big kudos to the president that seems to be one of the very few leaders of this world refusing to hand over billions to the banks that created this crisis.

Most banks out there should be burned to the ground; the economist’s working there should be forced to work in coal-mines and any politician sending those fraudulent institutes money should be stringed up. And don’t even get me started on the central banks…

Good job! But where are the pitchforks?

The hoax makes us poorer and colder

One of the effects of the manmade global warming scam is how governments all over are making fuel based on carbon very expensive. This not only in the first and second step i.e. makes it more expensive to buy and consequently more costly for transports, living and so on. They’ve also made it more expensive in the third step when great cold strike, there’s some form of rationing or anything else that makes the scarcity increase costs. This is of course worsened with the cut down of nuclear power that also, according to the insane, destroys the environment.

And so when Sweden (and many other countries) is now facing a very cold winter, the costs for heating, travel and living goes way up.

All in all, all throughout this entire madness, you, the ordinary man, are the one paying for it.

Let’s look at this process once more. The government imposes restrictions, taxation and such in an effort to reduce emissions in order to ‘save the planet’. This plot is based on fraudulent and paid for scientists’ reports that has no basis whatsoever in reality. There’s no proof, not from any science or rational thinking, that manmade global warming even exists, let alone have any form of real impact on the environment. All these schemes makes logistics, living, electricity and heat much more expensive which in turn reduces production, lower our living standards and cuts into our valets effectively making the country and the common man poorer.
You ‘re poorer, have less money over for x-mas gifts, cannot buy as much clothes as you wish and some hardly even have the money to heat up and light their houses.

Again, you’re being screwed by the high and mighty.

Let there be no mistake, this entire idea of saving the planet has nothing, not a single thing, to do with the environment. It has all to do with taxation and control. The government needs an additional income to found their meaningless wars and programs and if they can sell you the notion of you saving some Polar Bears it’s an easier way to go rather than increase the tax on your salary. Control because when they have their grabby little mittens all over energy and carbon based fuels they also control what cars you buy, what kind of house you live in and even what we produce.

Consequently anyone speaking up against this swindle is being labeled as a hater of children, he or she is a horrible person bought for by the oil-companies (that earn a lot on this hoax by the way), and any scientist calling the bluff get no founding and may even lose his job. We on the sane side are all called “deniers”, which of course is another way of labeling the opposition.

And it is all a scam!

I urge you all to go out and read about this. Take any claim the elitist agenda may have, cross-reference it, and check it out, read about it. If you do you’ll soon find out that nothing they say holds, there’s no proof, not even a hint of evidence. There’s no manmade global warming, there never was and most likely never will be.

So when you are sitting there in your heated home watching the money burn away cursing politicians for making gasoline so expensive you can hardly drive to buy food, take the time to roam around internet. Make this the last year they fool you with this trickery. Don’t let them steal your money for a cause that doesn’t exist. You’ve suffered enough; it is time to take back the power. Call them on it and any politician demands of you to pay up to save the environment, throw a tomato at him, or, better yet, shoot the bastard.