Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its time – and consequently I am back

The game is up...

A few of my friends have ask why I don´t write so much anymore. The reason was simple; there was no point. I´d basically said everything needed to be said and day to day commentators are plenty around the web. Now however things are starting to pick up. The end is nigh. The Greatest Depression is about to arrive in the world consciousness and the first crashes of many are weeks - perhaps days - away. Consequently I feel the need to come out of the shadow and show my disgust and again point out my condescending view of all of you useless none-peripatetic apes.

Gotten fatter have we? Still watching the latest reality show? Still complaining but still voting for the very same miserable soul-sucking demons that got us into this mess? Feel a bit more worried about the future? Are those red or black shirted people with war-like rhetoric starting to sound appealing? Yes, I am talking to you - the true idiot of this cautionary tale of financial doom.

I´ve said it before, and I will say it again; you bear as much responsibility for the coming years of despair, war, famine and utter disaster as those deemed better. Sure they fooled you, but you let them fool you. Sure you were tricked by vampire squid banks but you still, to this very day, keep your money with them and you still let politicos come up with schemes undreamed of together with banksters in order to steal even more of your earnings. Sure news reporters and other useless cretins in the pundit sphere refuse to show you the man behind the curtain, but there are plenty of real journalists and sources around the world. And sure, it’s not easy to see through the leftie charade played out by Krugman, Bernie the spender, the Obamination and other tentacle creatures, but if you try, you could.

Greece has finally entered the death rattle comes to the Marxist Euro, and behind the oily Greek curve awaits fascists, communists and other scums of the earth. France, Italy and others have been downgraded further. The Chinese scam has come to a halt. The Japanese are twisting in their descending coffin. From every country one horrific number after the other ticks in and the CDO´s and derivatives having pushed most of the latest years of phony growth, are about to implode.

My guess, as before, tells me that Spain, a huge terrorist attack or another war will ignite it all.

I am basically alone betting on Spain, but that’s because most people don´t understand the Spanish real-estate market and how the trickery behind the scene hide real numbers. Looking at the official data, there are plenty of crappy countries looking much worse, but if you know what I know, Spain seem to be nummero uno.

What I mean by a huge terrorist attack, false flag or not, is something much larger then 9/11. For example nuclear bomb during the London Olympics or a chemical attack emptying entire New York City. Things of that nature. I see this as very likely - regardless if it’s before, during or even after The Greatest Depression. Probably all three by the way…

Another war (Iran?) is a no-brainer. Sky rocketing oil prices, another uncertainty on the market, and an increase in terrorism coupled with less travelling and less trade will crash it all. Of course pundits, those deemed better, and vampire squid banks will claim differently since GDP (in some countries) probably won´t go down. On the contrary, a war usually drive GDP upwards, at least temporary.

So don´t worry too much about Greece.

Most of the evildoers have already pulled out or been bailed out by the European central Bank. Greece is a desolate footnote, and although our useless mainstream journalists will claim that a defaulting and crashing Greece is a danger, the Aegean’s are already passé and over with. The external evilness that helped the in-house Greek politicians rob, trick and cheat has already moved on to greener pastures.

But regardless, and since I´ve been wrong before, the final reason or what do flare up first doesn’t really matter. There are so many piles of crap, so many cans of gasoline poured over the crap and so many torches ready to ignite the worst disaster in human history that it’s really a toss-up.

Not long now.

The fat lady is ready to sing, and so I am back.