Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanna shiver me timbers?

The pirates are gaining support which is a good thing. Forces trying to stop the totalitarian society we are heading for must be saluted. However one poll don’t really say that much and those saying they are going to vote or are member also needs to get out and really vote comes election day.

I still have some concerns with the pirates regarding their experience and in particular their overall political agenda. Inside EU they might do some good, but they seriously need to look at their agenda and enhance it before even considering going for the Swedish parliament. But they have kind of surprised so far and might continue to do so.

In all probability I won’t vote at all, as usual, since voting implies a support to an infectious and horrible system. But if I would, to the European Parliament, the pirates would get my cross on the ballot paper.

Most of you are idiots – I'm going back to the real world

This is going to be my last entry about this swine flu thingy. Since there are much more important things going on in the world and this minor flu is hardly even worth mentioning. But since most of you out there like to be spooked and seemingly loving big governments coming to the rescue, I kind of enjoy putting you baboons down. But enough is enough. There are real diseases, war, financial crisis and a lot of other stuff that is million times more deadly and much more important to put some light on.

a summary:

About 500 000 people die from flu each year

In US about 36 000 people die from flu each year
Recently, during a week (April 12-18, 2009), the American CDC confirmed 25,925 cases of influenza in the United States and 55 child deaths. No scary stories about that? Why?

In UK it is about 5000 people

In Sweden about 1500 people.

2500* people are suspected of having/had swine flu so far

There are 100 (9 according to WHO)** confirmed dead and 170** suspected dead from this flu.

(*depending on what news you read, I selected the Lowest number I could find)
(**depending on what news you read, I selected the Highest number I could find)

Let say all the dead are from swine flu and that all infected have/had swine flu. Let also say all the dead were healthy vigorous people. This would be the worst case scenario and is extremely unlikely. IF this is the case the risk of dying is 6,8%. I play those odds in a second. As I have said before, if any doctor or institute what’s a test subject, I VOLONTEER to infect myself. Just pay my buss/train/flight and I’ll be there.

And to further put things in perspective, if this goes on for a while and the death toll rises up towards thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, it is still NOTHING. Tuberculosis or malaria kills more than that each month. People die from starvation by the hundreds of thousands and we have war, poverty and all the other fun things that exist in this world. And the risk of you dying in traffic or by an accident in your own home is still far far greater. In other words, why do you idiots even care about a minor flu?

And finally, even IF this is so terrible as journalists and governments are trying to make you believe, isn’t life more worth living without worrying about some illness that may or may not infect you with a absolute maximum of 6,8% death rate?

Now I’m going back to the real world, if you maniacs still think this is so deadly and horrible, do me a favour and seek out a psychiatrist, you obviously have some issues that needs to be resolved. Maybe you can get some happy pills?

Swine flu from 1976!

Oh no! The swine flu has been around for ages! Why haven’t anyone reacted with widespread panic before! Ohhhh… the humanity!

This frightening warning is from the same year I was born and tells us about the pre-origin of this terrible disease.

Easily scared people beware!

And a voice of reason...

A cautionary tale about weight

One very popular topic very often used to fill out a newspaper is articles about weight, more to the point; weight-loss. The weight issue might be applied in several ways. One way is to show pictures of a thin model that perform the act of gluttony once a day with one carefully selected environmentally friendly salad leaf. Then journalists can sit back as horrified hamburger eaters and overweight soccer mums do all the work. Another way is to conjure up some obese woman (preferably famous) that can go on whatever diet is popular at the moment and a couple of months later she can proudly proclaim she has lost the equivalent of 4 pizzas in weight. One week later she has of course gained all weight again which will be ignored in another article later the same year where this woman declares her war against fat.

Among feminists this is also a very popular topic since, apparently, every other paper at the store is filled with either plastically altered porn stars or skinny and unhealthy models. “No normal woman looks like that” – is a very common phrase. After that statement comes the obligatory women-under-pressure debate and the conclusion; that it is those dreadful people with penis who should be blamed for women being paraded in this awful way with unnatural low weight.

I once upon a time attended a couple of university courses about feminism and gender research. For some reason I was one out of two men attending and for another peculiar reason at the end of every “debate” the vast majority of vulva-persons all turned towards us two penis-people looking for some kind of confirmation, perhaps proving a part of their own point. I always, happily and frankly, declare myself being on the opposite side which started a new debate in a more pleasant tone. During one such occasion, talking about underage skinny models, a petite female so thin you could probably blow her across the room if you turned on a fan, turned towards me and said I always claimed the things I said because I was a man. I suppressed a feeling of exhaling hard in her direction and instead told her that I only stood by my belief and if she argued that my opinion was because of my gender she was committing the same crime she accused me for. But on one occasion I was actually in total agreement with the overwhelming female horde, regarding all those diets thrown around. We all agreed that diets seldom tell the basic and obvious truth that most seem to ignore; you need to use more energy than you eat in order to lose weight.

So if you want to be a perky copulator or fit into your old pair of jeans again, this is the only really good advice you need. How you go on doing this in reality, is up to you. If you exercise more or eat less/better or a combination you might lose weight. If you however think that nibbling on some diet-sticks or drinking some disgusting fluids makes you thinner, you are an idiot.