Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another one that took us by surprise

Sweden's (in)Justice Mentalist, and fascist extraordinaire, Beatrice Ask, told a press conference in Stockholm on Saturday that the US Embassy in Sweden has undertaken similar surveillance measures such as those that have taken place in Norway in the last 10 years.

Presumably it is horrible when W-chimp and his successor, the Obamination, does it, but when Swedish authorities does the same (only worse) and then gives it away to Americans it’s okay?

Anyway it seems that for the past 10 years, the U.S. has monitored Norwegian residents from Norwegian soil. The Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU) group operated from secret premises. Several of those employed to spy on Norwegian residents were former Norwegian security police. Suspicious individuals were registered and photographed and the data was forwarded to the US embassy in Oslo, which analysed and added them its SIMAS (Security Incident Management Analysis System) database.

The report also alleged that there are SDU units containing similar data at all American embassies, which has now been confirmed by the Swedish (in)Justice Mentalist.

Imagine that a lady who wants’ to bring back the punishments of the Dark Ages and has a deep seated need to torture children comes clean in this way. That’s the real surprise!

I’m actually having a hard time figuring out why she would admit to this, and the only thing I can think of is that the not already bought and paid for media (read; blogs, alternative news and independent journalists) already knew and had proof.

But the news itself is a shock isn’t it? Who would have thought eh?

And if we later find out that this has some kind of correlation with Sweden’s eagerness to impose its STASI-controls and the hilarious 1984-society, we will be... what? Surprised again?

As I am on the road I find myself feeling sort of being under observation having a slight uncomforting uneasy feeling of having a soul-sucker trying to hump my leg if I say the wrong word over the phone.

I’ve always felt that cameras everywhere, security checks every ten meters and ridiculous rules about liquids and nail clippers is way over the top. And body scanners? Oh by the love of Satan!

It seems that all proof our beloved masters need is that of the word of some tranny down in the quarter hopped up on Methadone, and then they can send in their trained ruffians to tax, regulate and investigate. What the fuck happened to common sense? Has that ever been around?

To a certain degree I do feel comfortable with cavity searches and having my picture taken 158 times every time I walk through the airport- does anyone really mind them sorting out the crazies from flying? – but enough is enough already.

Surely this uneasy feeling is the real reason for their grids and controls – to keep us ordinary folks on our toes. They want us to feel monitored, to feel powerless in the face of some thug with a badge. If they have those screws around our thumbs no matter what we do or wherever we go they know we’ll be in their power.

Again, very strange that Sweden's (in)Justice Mentalist come clean. Doesn’t really fit their MO.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be flying again, going to a NATO-country no less. The latest times I’ve been flying they’ve always taken me aside doing extra tests and asking questions no other traveler gets, I suppose this time will be no different.

The difference for me, in opposite to most others, is that I find it very funny, which is probably not the correct way to react. They want that terror in our eyes, when they don’t get it, they go one step further. Last time I flew from Glasgow I thought they were about to lock me up…

Welcome to the 21th century and the build up to the Greatest Depression in human history!

Bye bye Svédsko

My new home!

Time again. Another country, another job, and another experience. All packed, everything fixed - except for an apartment. Probably need to sleep under a bridge or find a porn motel the first week, but it always works out.

Needless to say blogging will be light. I’ll try to keep ‘em coming, but with much to do, much to fix and a new job is always a new job, so don’t expect any miracles.

And if I happen to never return because I’ve been detained and flown to a secret C.I.A. prison, well…if so, please remember those four funny little words; “I Told You So!”, and when that mayhem starts, try to keep a sense of humor about it. People dying, famine catastrophes and wars are great entertainment. It all depends on how you look at the shattered glass…