Friday, December 20, 2013

People are so stupid

How the world ended – a letter from 2025 to the future

Having fun in the future? 

I write this to acknowledge and convey the truth about how The Greatest Depression emerged, how it inadvertently transformed into wars and human destruction on an unprecedented scale. I write this to any potential survivors and with the hope that such things as computers and internet may still be available. I write this to all you erratically wandering an unforgiving earth with slim hope of finding work, food and shelter.
I write this to all those out there still able to read and to those still able to form coherent thoughts without instinctually hunting down braaaiiiiinnnnsss to eat.
Firstly I am not sorry myself - I tried to stop it with what little means I had at my disposal. I warned, I wrote, I talked to friends, relatives and neighbours and I tried to tell those I knew in power what they were doing and where it was leading. I did so for over a decade and despite being correct every step of the way and with a spooky accuracy predicting event after event that led up to our annihilation, very few listen.
The few who turned their head away from soap operas and did listen to me, and to others like me, never made up more than a fraction of humanity. And once people finally started to admit that their comfy existence was no more and react, they of course reacted incorrectly.
So I write this in the hope that any survivors may listen and perhaps we can finally, as a species, realize those absolute truths we´ve been ignoring for the past 250 000 years or so. Irrefutable facts like $1 always is $1, that you cannot get something for nothing and that inflation is the same as an increase of new money in circulation, has been ignored too long.
If you still ignore or refuse to understand I guess you´ll soon start World War IV with whatever sticks and stones you have as weapons there in the future.
The decline we entered and died because of was political and economical but also ethical. People’s morals had dissipated over time and almost every single person believed it correct to rob their neighbour. Benefit junkies with herd mentality voted for oppressive thugs promising gold and lush forests for everyone. Tree-hugging hippies and their feminazi allies destroyed what little production was left while creating an increase in xenophobia that, of course, was tapped into by nationalist Sieg heil-ing freaks.   
Fascism, National Socialism, socialism, communism and political correctness sort of merged into a unified ideology everyone needed to follow. To make sure that the people obeyed this fascinazicommusocialism the total surveillance society was implemented - not over night, but step by step. In order to save the children and stop terrorism we created new agencies that used super computers to keep track of, monitor and punish those that strayed. Reality shows and celebrity life later became the only news we were allowed to read about.
Harsh penalties were created against public congregations and demonstrations. The banks were bail-out over and over with newly printed notes while our governments spend other freshly printed notes to keep millions of benefit junkies in their sofas.
They tried it over and over again until the system - the entire global financial system - imploded. People by this time had had enough of all the misery; riots and bloody rebellions started here and there in a few countries. However a few countries had a final out, one final step politicians could take to save themselves and their cushy jobs; They Took us to War!!
Of course there was only a matter of time before a supposed terrorist with a suitcase nuclear device exploded in New York, taking a couple of millions of people and the UN building with him. From there on it was all downhill.
Everyone blamed everyone else for everything. Only a few of the big banks kept laughing, buying up most of the known world, but their laughter soon turn into screams as violent mobs burned down their banking palaces and country after country started throwing nukes around.
We can assume that a few spokespersons of the elitists still exists, also in your world, and they will crawl out of their bunkers - perhaps you have already meet one? They are easily spotted. They will argue about equality, keep talking about sharing stuff and will say things like: “Obama cannot be blamed for the end of the world, it was Bush´s fault” or; “We need to take from those that still have to feed everyone” or: “We need to restrict working time in the field to 8 hours/day and give everyone 5 weeks of vacation”. A few of them will even be savvy politicians or surviving banking trolls and they will say you need to create a central bank and have a unified currency in the hands of the people as well as create a centralized authority so that all the goodies that you manage to scrap together during hunts can be shared among all of you. If you encounter one that sounds suspiciously like above you have 3 options; let them stay and let them argue their evilness, throw them out and leave it to a broken world to take care of them Darwin-style, or you can string them up.
I hope someone is still left to read this and that you heed my warnings.
With Love and hugs and kisses   

    / Apocalypse Nowish