Sunday, May 3, 2009

The biggest fear of the enemy class!

Out of everything I have written and ever will write on this blog, this is probably the most important. I hope you understand this and I really hope you understand the ramifications of it. This is part III. Read Part I here. Read Part II here

After this post, if not before, I will have one or two agencies watching my cute little behind, because what the enemy class fears more than anything else is armed and pissed of citizens doing the rebellion thingy.

This is why governments (regardless of color) already have or are trying to outlaw self-defense

This is why you can get locked away with harsher punishment for striking down a robber than the punishment the robber gets.

This is why we are bombarded, from all directions, with so many complete mad sentences like: “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote” or the classical: “He who doesn’t vote, shouldn’t complain”. Why shouldn’t it matter!? Why shouldn’t I complain!?

People that can vote no, but also can say no and put power behind those words are the biggest fear those with power will ever have. The founding fathers of United States understood this fully, writing in the right to bear arms into the constitution and talking about a duty to overthrow any government taking too much power away from the people.

Sadly most of the revolutions and rebellions seen have been mobs overthrowing a horrid government, but imposing similar or even worse stupidities themselves. You cannot really complain over the Russian or Cuban revolutions, oppressed people killing of their torturer cannot be regarded as something wrong. That those idiotic revolutionaries started even bloodier and even more oppressive regimes is sad and kind of strange. Why would people want more of the same thing they rebelled against? There have been semi-successful ones, but the only one really standing as a testament of true success is the American Revolution. I truly hope the American people soon take to arms again, it is time to stand up and say no and start picking off governmental officials. Yes, I’m talking about thinning the horde and yes that’s going to be necessary. No government has ever nor ever will give up their power voluntary. The same goes for any country in this world with people who wants to be free.

Do the dance, write a declaration of freedom and justice and see to it that no one can break those basic principles. Make sure that the rights to bear arms and equality for all man is writing down and make sure no one can take those rights away. Just as the Americans did, but with even more power and certainty. No smug well spoken pastor of collectivism should ever be able to change those basic laws.

Do not believe for a second that your government - no matter where you live or what country you are from - will not hurt or kill you. All of them will. You might not believe me, but try to break the most harmless law and then stand up for yourself against the government and you’ll see for yourselves. When this great depression hits us soon you will need to make a choice. More totalitarianism and promoting the enemy class, or freedom. If you choice freedom, be prepared to fight for it.

The secret will be revealed here.

Let me break this down to all you idiots out there. In order to gain weight, you need to eat more energy than you lose. In order to lose weight you need to do away with more energy than you eat. This goes for everything you can eat so yes, you can get fat on bananas, apples and kiwis if you eat hundreds of them and do nothing during the day except lay perfectly still in bed hardly wiggling your toes. And you can get thinner living on pizza and hamburgers and going out party every night as long as you work out several times a day.




Got it?
Now stop buying newspapers that is writing crap about diets and food and/or send them this URL so journalists also can understand basic fact.

The piggy depression

We had the economy going again, but darn, an almost completely harmless virus had to mess up our plans. Inflation, borrowing, messed up markets and this wee little crisis was all going to work out, then suddenly some piggy (well, mostly human, but “pigs” sounds better) virus messed things up again. Oh, well at least we have something to blame now when the depression soon hits us. I wonder if the general public is stupid enough to buy this swine-story? Yeah… of course they are…