Friday, January 8, 2010

Spain plunges deeper and deeper

It seems that it is not enough for Spain to have a jobless rate of 17% and a deeply in-debt country that sinking further down into debt for each day, oh no, they also have a funny soon to be law in regards to internet. Probably suggested because of their problems... Justice Mentalist Francisco Caamano and the rest of the malevolent thugs running the country are seemingly going to grant Judges the power to close down internet sites on a whim.

I told you so, and I will continue to say so. What we’ve seen so far with ACTA, IPRED and all the rest of the fascism is only the beginning. And this regardless of what color any particular government may have, they are all complacent.

Can it be stopped? I don’t think so, not seen over time. Only well-placed bombs under a couple of EU buildings and the same on similar locations around Europe going off at the same time may prevent it. So basically the only option you have is to gain computer knowledge superior to that of the government to stay one step ahead.

Horrifyingly funny numbers from the US

The idiots are still seeing “green shoots” and they are desperate to sell you that load of crap. Especially in America where the warmongering president is struggling with so low approval ratings that even Hairless W Chimp before him can laugh. Fighting endless wars, running trillions of dollars in deficit and when even lefties are starting to question his magnificence he needs those numbers to spell promises, and so the spinning machine is working harder than even the printing press.

Fewer industries were hiring in December than in October, and the number of discouraged workers rose by 287,000 over the year to 929,000. The employment-participation rate fell to a 25-year low 64.6% from 64.9% as the labor force fell by 661,000, the largest decline in nearly 15 years. The unemployment numbers continues to decline and retail numbers are not showing any improvements.

We also learn that the drop in credit card debt outstanding is on the largest on record since The Fed started keeping those records in 1943! Although I would argue that long-term this isn’t such bad figures, right now they must be scaring the living daylights out of Washington. Their entire scheme is contingent on people shopping like crazies. That people have no money is non-existent in the far, far away world of politicians.

California is facing a deficit of $41.6 billion - nearly half of projected revenues, and that state isn’t alone in such dire straits. It is just a matter of time before the US government feels the need to bail out a state, and that would be Game Over in so many ways.

The American stockmarket is around 50% overvalued on the best long-term measure, which adjusts profits to allow for the economic cycle. They are trading on the presumption that GDP will go up 4-5% each year, and they’ve been doing so for a long while now.

I could go on and on, but these figures and many more don’t stand alone, these are merely ‘new’ problems, the old ones, the shit that got America (and the rest of us) into trouble in the first place, still remains! The toxic assets, the lose credit lines, the decline of the USD, the fraudulent business dealings of Wall Street and government controlled banks, and the growing expansion of public debt are still there, now even worsened!

Far, far worsened!

You need to get this into your heads people. Things were bad a couple of years ago, I and many others told you so, things crashed, but ‘thanks to’ the printing press and trillions in deficits the problems have been swept under the rug. It is still there.

So what do you think will happen the next time around? The same problem as during our latest little debacle but worse yet plus additional and growing problems being inflated for every day that passes. What do you think that equals?

Basically, America is fucked, big time. But don’t you worry kids, the rest of us follow soon after.

I wonder if they are going to pull a ray-gun or cold fusion out of their hats soon, anything sort of that cannot save the crashing and burning. Well, maybe an Alien invasion could do the trick, but why would anyone want to come to this stupid rock?

The socialist entity of SAAB

It is not easy to find a company that apparently doesn’t care about profits; SAAB is one of those having 1 profitable year during the latest 25 years. Much of the company have also been built around and for the good of the state, receiving lots of money from local and state founds throughout the years.

During the latest 20years or so the company has paid salaries to its unproductive workers despite not having the means to do so. During the same time paying billions in taxes, without having that kind of money.

Surely this is a beacon of socialism. Maybe that's why the lefties complain?

Muhammad pictures again

Some Norwegian newspaper has decided to show the”controversial” Muhammad picture that got some Danish paper threatened a couple of years back. Seemingly to support Kurt Westergaard, the Danish man behind the original drawings, that was attacked the other day.

The whole thing is ridiculous isn’t it? I mean pictures? It’s like a big old sandy desert filled with bickering kids. ‘Oh, you show a picture of my daddy, am going to kick your ass’. ‘Yes, I did, and now I’m going to print it again. Nanananana!’

Do a piggy-face and stick out your tongue why don’t ya.


The Islamic morons go ape-shit every time throwing Jihads around like its candy, and stupid westerners continue with the ‘nananana’-taunting while their western armies are bombing Muslim villages and murdering Islamic families in several countries. Can this end in any other way than utter disaster?

And lastly some very loosely connected porn, just in case some readers still (don’t) like me.

Rapists love manmade global warming

The Miami Herald has an interesting article today about the cold creeping in over the western world. Apparently poor defenseless child-molesters and underprivileged rapists are banned from shelters and under state law, sex offenders can't live within 1,000 feet of schools, child-care centers, parks or other areas where kids congregate.

Instead they live under or near the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Depending on whom you ask, from 34 to 70 sex predators and offenders still live under or near the bridge.
Wilson, a sex offender who served 18 years in prison, said they were told that emergency shelter is offered to them only in a hurricane.

``Even if I leave, how will I live? I have no job and no car to get there,'' said Wilson according to the Miami Herald.

Awww… No car, no job and ‘forced’ to live outside and no one to rape in sight? How can society be so cruel? And if that isn’t enough, the weather keeps refusing to comply with bribed climatologists predictions.

I think it is time to start driving our cars again, heat up those factories, make the volcanoes release more gases, we need more manmade global warming, otherwise these unprotected and suffering poor souls may be exposed to more cold.

And imagine yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t you rather rape someone when the sun is shining and it’s not so wet outside rather than during a blizzard? Colder weather also makes it harder to find good victims not to mention the shrinkage-factor. Why won’t someone think of the molesters?

The penis of Gary Coleman

This little poor semi-famous actor apparently tried to break up a locker room fight on camera, his robe flies open, briefly revealing his manhood in full, getting his private parts captured on film for the world to see.

The name of the flick? "Midgets vs. Mascots"

But the actor’s good fortunes didn’t stop there. After flying to Los Angeles to prevent the footage of his penis from airing, he ends up in the hospital after an apparent seizure.

This is probably yet another attempt from a falling star to attract some attention; however I like it when some males also are exposed. In this I need to side with the feminists. Breasts and cunts are shown all the time, but a willy in full glory is a more rare breed. Not that I really care for a small dick on a small body, well I don’t care about penises in general, other than my own pride and joy, but still I find this a good politically correct exposure.