Saturday, July 11, 2009

£100 offered

Professor Bob Carter torpedoes the “scientific consensus” on the climate HOAX

I earlier offered £50 to anyone that can offer me proof of man-made global warming. Let's up the offer again shall we? I now offer you £100. I will stay there but I could as easily go up to millions, it would not matter. This is a hoax, a scam, trickery, don't let them fool you.

The inflation money finally has arrived

When I moved to UK about 6months ago I thought it was sort of a gamble since the pay was very low but I immediately realized that things was much cheaper here than in Sweden. I could buy a six-pack of beer at the nearest store for about 2/3 of the price in Sweden and vodka was less costly here than in Estonia (where I also have lived) But something has happen. Beer is now selling for around £5-6 which is about the same price as in Sweden. Cigarettes are even more expensive than in Sweden and when going to the store today I noticed an increased in prices on crisps (chips) with 100% since a week ago! And the milk I usually buy for £1,10 but today the price was £1,58 (also higher price than Sweden). One cannot take one store as an example, but I also took a walk around town and looked at suits. The suit I had planned to buy earlier cost £98, today the price was £125 – still kind of cheap, but a very large prince increase. I also looked at shirts, same thing; a significant price increase. I also stopped by a gaming store checking princes on Nintendo’s, also the same thing, a significant increase. Now maybe this place where I live isn’t the best indicator for UK and NueArbeit have heighten some taxes so one needs to check the numbers and make a none government approach to those before making any conclusions, but for me the facts are clear, prices are going way up and it is time to look for a move again.

The Obamination spreading evil

After attending a G8 meeting trying to worsen the economic crisis and again throwing some threats towards Iran, the Obamination continued on to Ghana where his holier than thou attitude made quite a success. Of course journalists all over are bowing down and failing to mention how the crisis goes on now fueled by this madman’s scheme to ruin the world. No doubt some of the inflation money coming from IMF will go to Ghana and seemingly, listening to the Obamination, a lot of American tax money (also inflated) will go the same way. So Ghana will be closer linked to the US dollar which will make that “democratic” country so happy when the mentioned currency collapses. On the world economy, Obama said that rising food prices mean millions more are falling into desperate poverty – again conviently failing to bring up (just as brain-dead journalists “forgot” the same) that those food prices going up is his fault. As I have mentioned before the “dark continent” is facing a very dire future with tens of millions standing on the brink of starvation. This is, of course, no concern to the Obamination that soon will go home to US and conjure up another crazy stimulation package to make sure those tens of millions along with so many others really suffers the coming years. All along journalist everywhere continue to write flattering and praising articles about this “messiah”. The enemy class has never shined brighter…