Monday, January 11, 2010

A new killing machine?

I wonder if the US military will make a huge Swine equivalent and release it on poor Afghanis?

Step after step after step

If you haven’t figured it out yet, our enemies are building a case against internet and internet usage. It can be formed in lots of different ways and said and argued around for different purposes, some even sound good. I mean, wouldn’t you wanna make the internet free from pedophiles and terrorists?

Some of it is out in the open. Different laws to protect certain industries, other laws to save us from hackers and pesky file-sharers are the most common.

But some are much sneakier.

For instance watch how they slowly are putting out words that say that magazines and newspapers are suffering. Anyone can read any news from thousands of different channels, whenever they want. And so, of course, we are supposed to feel sorry for poor journalists hardly able to make a living. Papers are losing money, public broadcasting networks are losing viewers and people subscribing to news are in decline. It can be blamed on internet you know.

And their response? Charge people for reading, make it necessary to become members to read stories, restrict access to certain sites and many other schemes are already in place or planned to be implemented. Nothing is wrong with the old media, oh no, it is the new thingy, the internet, that cuts their profits and make reporters sad. Democracy needs independent news, how can we withhold democracy without old media? I am only surprised they haven’t argued that it is their human right to have readers yet.

Politicians have already argued against bloggers because they can say and write things no-one has control over. We’ve already seen scandals been broken by common men, politicians stepping down because they got found out by some housewife or online investigator. This will not do. And so, of course, now and again they are saying we need some sort of control function, maybe a government department issuing diplomas or permissions to write blogs. It will not come now, but later on, once they have built their case strong enough.

And there are information-sites, alternative news stations online that some of the time are full of crap but some of the time say stuff the elitists don’t want us to know. Like the Swine Flu thingy. During that scare we could read almost daily how some professor, doctor or politician was outraged over how alternative views stopped people from taking the vaccine. How dared some people think they knew better than government entities wanting to inoculate us? How can they make us understand that companies earning billions on the scam was the best information source when so many said the opposite?

Another way of throwing some suspicion over the online-people is to lift some outsider doing something strange which makes parents and the righteous fuming. We have such an event going on in Sweden right now. A convicted murderer (who claimed he was innocent) wrote a blog online from prison. Apparently he posted a suicide-note online before he took his life. Swedish papers are filled with parents saying that he could have been chatting with their children or that he could have influenced some impressionable youth with the wrong ideas.

And have you noticed how the few pedophiles they catch always, without exception, have downloaded kiddy porn online? They have meeting places online, internet is their playground. And how many young girls haven’t chatted on msn recently to end up at home with some suspicious character and/or got raped? There are no shady old men in trenchcoats luring kids with candy outside the playground anymore, instead they are sitting in front of a pc and fooling preteens online. Or so it would seem.

And how many people aren’t buying drugs online? You can hardly pick up the paper anymore without reading how some boys bought laser-pointers, some chemical or illegal fireworks online. Aren’t there any restrictions on internet? How would parents survive? Won’t someone think of the children?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is only the beginning. You think the regulations, laws and restrictions they’ve installed so far is bad? Just wait, you’ve seen nothing yet. They are building a case against internet and internet usage and with time they can implement another law, and then another, and then another. The only thing opposing them is really the technology itself, they cannot keep up with it. Is it then so strange that the totalitarian spokesperson Bono thinks that China has the right ideas?

And am I the only one finding this extremely funny?

That fantastic green shoot

Unemployment continues to go up everywhere and have been going up for the better part of 1,5 years now. Pretty much every country has unemployment that surpasses 10% - by far - and that’s the lower official numbers. If the biggest stimulus and biggest bail-outs in the history of mankind cannot change this, what happens when all that money is gone? Ever thought about that one? Soon all those trillions are gone, and if things haven’t picked up and unemployment, even before all that money is gone, goes up, what do you think will happen?

Oh, I cannot wait. This is going to be so much fun.