Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeding the vampires – you love it don´t you?

A few more drops please...

For over ten years I´ve been sending out warnings. Writing editorials. Sending letters to government officials. Putting forward proposals before city councils and other government entities. For the last 6 years I´ve been writing blogs and trying to educate my close ones. Almost 3 years ago this blog saw the day of light and even since then I´ve been, in my own little way, trying to force the truth out in the open.

This to no prevail.

And I am by no means alone. I could name dozens of real economists, countless of libertarians and of course Ron Paul who´s been saying, arguing and warning about the same damn thing. No one listen. Worse, mostly we hear claims that no one saw this coming...

Why would the high and mighty listen? As long as their pals over at the Vampire Squid Banks are safe and the elitist fraudulent deals can be hidden from the vast majority, as long as they can keep you bought and paid for through entitlements and lying spin-doctors, which you yourself pay for, the scam will continue.

But you see; the game is up!

There´s is no way out anymore. Paul Krugman can wish Aliens invaded and killed us all as much he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that this is the end of the line.

They have no means of coping anymore. In fact they never had - only temporary fixes, but now those have run out to. Interest rates are already at zero, the debt ceilings have been reached and surpassed a long time ago, printing machines are already heated up to a glowy red, the manipulations are running out of steam and all those shadowy deals are popping and bursting everywhere.

This is it, this is the Greatest Depression.


Enjoy it - You are as guilty as our overlords.

Once and for all you haft to understand what they have done to you. This I don´t think you can be fully blamed for and so pay attention.

They created bigger governments, larger entitlements and an ever increasing debt-burden so they could bribe you! That´s right. In order to get your vote, your sympathy and your consent they “gave” you stuff.

That you had already paid for this ´stuff´ and that they borrowed cash from your kids and grandkids so they could win you over today you didn’t pay attention to and so didn´t understand.

They then slept with vampire banks, turning themselves into bloodsuckers while undermining the fundaments of our economy.

And so when the first crash happen they needed to save their bloodsucking bankster friends since if they didn´t we would enter a depression – and, horribly, you wouldn´t vote for them! This much is true, probably the only true thing said from the Powers. They actually “saved us” from a depression back in 2008-2009.

But if they had let the too big to fail´s actually fail, the depression would have arrived, but it would have been short-lived. One, two years tops, and we would be out of it and much better off.

Don´t kid yourself, most up high knew this fully well. They knew they created another bubble precisely as they knew they created the and the housing bubble. They did this to tunnel money over to their bloodsucking bestest pals; the banks (and certain big corporations).

You didn´t get any bail-out money, the poor didn´t, the unemployed didn´t, the local stores didn´t, actual productive companies saw nothing of that cash. It all went to either the government themselves or to fraudulent zombie banks filled with vampires ready to suck more blood from our veins.

In the real world there can only be attempts to blow new bubbles to cover up the old ones, which will either fail or worse, create greater instabilities. There can be no recovery until the insolvencies are flushed out and recognized. And we can never go back to a sound healthy economy EVER again without acknowledging reality.

We can never solve our debt problems, our FIAT-currency problems or our structural problems with more debts, more printing of money and more regulations.


The fact remains that you can only play "vampire" until you have a corpse and the blood is exhausted. Then you have to stop, and you will - one way or another - simply because your supply of "new blood" is exhausted.

They´ve sucked us dry. But not only us, today, they´ve also put a straw into the future and sucked the life out of our kids and grandkids as well.

Every single country on this planet is either insolvent or close to it. The same goes for the banks, many big businesses and also many of you normal people out there.

There´s simply nothing left to steal. No blood left to suck out to shower the system with. We´ve reached the end of the road.

Remember; they knew they were doing this to us! You should have known, but they did.

And now?

Now cometh austerity measures, ´forced´ politics and the tear dropping scheme of playing the sad, sad Santa so you won´t string them up.

Remember; you paid for the bail-outs. You, your kids and your grandkids paid for it. As thanks you got higher inflation, the super rich got even richer and we got the mother of all bubbles and so we got: The Greatest Depression!

Now they want you to pay for it again. It was necessary to hand over trillions to vampires and now it is necessary for you to pay for the fall-out.



Selling non-mortgage backed securities as if they had mortgages in them is fraud. Misrepresenting what's in the securities you sell is fraud. Overstating appraisals and incomes is fraud. Concealing the true value of loans on a balance sheet is fraud. Whether someone makes those frauds "legal" via extortion of regulators does not change the essential character of what happened.

They lied to you! They are still lying to you!

You pay, and then you pay, and then you pay some more and then they come back to hook you up to an Alyx machine to drain you of the last drops of blood you have.

I know most of you are starting to get an inkling what has been done to you, and maybe some of you even realize your part in this disaster, but I also know that once people have lost it all they will lose it. If you idiots out there were irrational before, you´ll definitely go off the chart once this crash happens.

London you say? Athens? Chinese uprisings every week? Pffff… open up the book of revelation and check the adjectives there to get a clue what will happen very soon.

There are over one hundred trillion of derivatives floating around out there! NONE has any value! Our debts have NEVER been higher. The fundamentals were fantastic back in the 1930´s compeer to today. And we have two, maybe three generations grown up on social welfare and on the notion that big government will fix it for us. So IF I am right in assuming that the greatest depression is about to hit us full force, can you see any light on the other side? Can you see us coming out of this without bloodshed, upheaval and war?

I can´t.

"Extend and pretend" has been the rule of the game thus far. That is, pretend a loan is performing and meets covenants even if it doesn't, and extend maturities instead of forcing an actual roll, when the default would come out into the daylight like a vampire forced into the sun, immolating itself into ash.

Bond markets are living on printed money curtsey of government. The big banks are “solvent” because government allowed them to hide their debt and fiddle with derivatives. Markets hasn´t crashed yet because governments (in unison – across the board) borrowed shitloads of cash and threw it into the system.

They will try again of course. You´ll see QE2, QE3 more bail-outs, more regulations, and they will want you to blame the market – or the Jews – or Muslims – or the poor – or the rich ones that actually had nothing to do with it. They will play their very last cards now and you better buckle up, pay attention and prepare.

Their last resort, their very final attempt, is about to start. They will crank up the printing machine even further, those that still can will borrow more, and all that cash sitting within big banks are about to hit the market.

In one last attempt to prop it up.

We´re entering the final death-rattle of the vampires, and they will pull out every last ounce of manipulation in the book to keep you from blaming them, and they will try to inflate our global bubble economy.




If you let them do this to you, despite all the warnings, you deserve to die and so remember to vote on my latest poll to your right.

Is there any way out of it?

Well, yes and no.

The Greatest Depression will hit us now, nothing can stop that. However we could diminish its effects and come out of this ordeal with a better world. That’s if you, the people, finally see what history, math and reality teaches us; that you cannot get anything for nothing and that 1+1=2 and that progressive leftie policies are nothing but a ruse to win your vote.

If you idiots out there finally wake up and see what´s just in front of you we can make it, otherwise I see this;