Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another: ´The Greatest Depression warning´ – China!

I´ve been arguing and warning about the Chinese scam for years now while pundits seem to continuously argue that Chinese investments and Chinese cash flowing into western economies can keep us floating or help the world market to kick start again.

It’s an enormous scam. And an obvious one at that, but politicians, journalists and pundit’s don´t want to hear it. Most economists, even people usually thinking the same way I do, also seem to ignore it.

Building huge megacities that are standing completely empty and manic money printing have boosted already bogus GDP statistics and on these fictitious numbers and with trillions of dollars (U.S. crappy and worthless security papers /bonds) to back them up the Chinese have sold us a bullshit story just outside the top 6 of; ECB/euro, manmade global warming, religion, fractional reserve banking, inflation and the government-is-good theory.

I´ve said it before, and I will say it again. China will not only crash and burn like the rest of us, they are heading for huge civil unrests and, with 99% certainty; civil war.

Scary Malthusians will rejoice of course because tens of millions of Chinese will die - probably doubling, or more, Mao´s fine record.

When will you morons out there start to listen?

Your time is almost up. If you haven´t started hording canned goods, dried-up food packages, sugar, coffee and guns before, better start now, because it’s not long now before the fattest lady in history sings the highest note ever heard.