Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do you have 55min?

I just watched a great little YouTube-video (55min) that politicians everywhere should have a look at before they start outlawing things. Watch it here in this post or go to this link.

I say thanks to Teflonminne for the tip

More criminal acts courtesy of politicians

Politicians commit several crimes each day in accordance to the resent PirateBay verdict. Elected gangsters are promoting several things they know is being used to commit crimes. For example: roads, cars, schools and computers. But perhaps the worst thing politicians do is creating and supporting mafia organizations. One such example is the consequence of anti-drug policies. The demand for drugs doesn’t really change, no matter what, but thanks to the illegality drugs are a lot more expensive which equals high profit. Hence every law that prohibits drugs is attached with a “thank you”-note from the mafia. Most governments on this planet have also outlawed self-defense. A store owner protecting his store against a mugger might actually be considered being a bigger criminal then the one committing the robbery. If the poor robber gets hurt by the store owner the later might find himself in jail, probably even longer than the robber. The worst thing government does however, in regard to self-defense, is to outlaw means of protection, like guns. Hard working law-abiding citizen will be sentenced with very harsh penalties for owning and carrying guns. The mafia however doesn’t care and thanks to riches gained from selling narcotics they can buy lots of guns.

But politicians need to show us how correct this system is so in steps the governments’ armed thugs to stop the mafia. Sometimes these uniformed stooges manage to catch one or two kingpins and parade them in front of cameras. The fact that those caught have been replaces already during capture and nothing has changed is a Schuss-factor.

So the government supports the mafia with the means of getting rich and they make ordinary unarmed citizen helpless against the well armed mafia. The government then makes a few phony arrests that don’t change anything and the people have the joy of paying for it all. If this isn’t criminal behavior it is hard to see what is. In other words what we should be doing is to free the PirateBay boys and lock up all politicians.

Breaking the law

Today I sent an email to a friend of mine and it contained a picture with copyright protection. Immediately afterwards I felt a bit ashamed using a criminal function provided by Google and now I’m contemplating pressing charges against Google for letting people use their email in order to do crimes. Then I went to a well visited Swedish football-site and I did see a racist remark from one other visitor, so now I’m thinking this site and the owners should be trialed for racism and consequently I’m going to turn them in too. I have also visited other unlawful sites like Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and Lunarstorm. All own and run by horrifying criminals not yet prosecuted. But maybe the biggest criminals and the ones who really should be locked up are those darned internet providers. I mean pretty much every site, person and institution using Internet is committing crimes according to the Swedish justice system, but in reality, who provides the means to do so? The Internet provider does. The fact is that pedophiles, terrorists and snuff-movie makers are using the Internet in order to plan and commit crimes. Why aren’t this handled in an appropriate manor? And aren’t the lawmakers committing a crime themselves for letting this go on unchecked? Why haven’t they closed down the Internet?


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