Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to feel more secure

If you get attacked one day you have - if it’s not very surprising from behind - a couple of seconds to react. Sometimes even more than that. During this time you can run, cuddle up to protect your most precious bodily parts or you can fight back. The later is not easy, especially for a smallish woman facing one or two men twice her size. Not even a black belt might help in that scenario. In other words a female getting mugged or raped has nothing to do but to take it since government conveniently has outlawed self-defense. However, there is one thing that always equalize such situations; a gun. If you feel vulnerable or need to feel safe, buy a gun. Government be damn.

But if you like getting raped or you believe the political propaganda; you can always keep the streets safe for rapists and such.

The next thing is WAR

This is not listening for the faint-hearted, but again, as so many times before, I find myself saying and writing the exact same thing as Gerald Celente. And if history repeat itself, and again we will be proven right in our predictions, you’ll better be prepared. Especially pay attention to what’s coming next according to Mr Celente. I have myself written the same here and I also have gone one step further here

Please listen:

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Something big will happen before Christmas .The next thing we are looking to is WAR Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense radio 18 Aug 2009 The Revolution has begun :

Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute have earned the reputation as “today’s must trusted name in trends” for their accurate and timely predictions. Among them:

Predicted the “Panic of ’08” in November of 2007

Forecast the Recession of 2007 in 2004

Years before Starbucks was a household name, Gerald Celente forecast the popularity of gourmet coffee

Decades before Pepsi and Coke got into the water business, Gerald Celente predicted the “Big Boom in Bottled Water”

When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Gerald Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the “Gold Bull Run.” Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why – and how high – gold would go.

Gerald Celente coined the term “Clean Foods” in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988

Nine months before 9/11, USA Today wrote, “2001 won’t be our year, trend seer says.” Gerald Celente warned that Americans wouldn’t be safe at home or abroad. (USA Today, December 14, 2000)

The Trends Research Institute and Gerald Celente were forerunners in the natural healing/alternative health movement

On the geopolitical and economic fronts, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute are credited with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two economic recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis and the 1987 world stock market crash

Gerald Celente has forecast many real estate trends, including the big move to vacation spots and small towns, the growth in the second home market, a real estate "fizz" in 2005 ... plus hundreds of other social, business, fashion, consumer and entertainment trends.

visit Gerald Celente's News Blog here

International Swine Flu conference

Come across this surfing the net. Apparently a bunch of pseudo scientists, lawmakers and other so called dignitaries have had meetings this week talking about how to detain, mass-vaccinate and in other ways control the populace. All in all well over 700 participants from 40 countries. Of course it is regarding the swine flu thingy and of course it might sound worse than it is, but check this out. In the pdf-brochure from the conference (find that here) you can read, among other things, about the following:

(How to) Direct fatality management tactical operations
What? Okay, I might be jumping to conclusion here, but I certainly read something into this... don’t you?

(peoples) Unwillingness to follow government orders
I won’t take a flu shoot, never. What will happen to me? This is scary stuff. Much scarier than any flu. The government is supposed to know what to do with people like me? Oh my…

Prioritize antivirals & personal protective equipment for essential workforce
Oh, really? And who might this be?

Effectively undertake mass vaccinations
Oh my…

Enforce quarantines
!?!? Oh, I so need to move, now. Otherwise they will never let me leave...

Protect public works first responders from falling ill or being hurt in civil disturbances (+) Control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder

Civil disturbances!? This is the sort of thing “They” are discussing?

(How to) Transport ill students
Transport? Where? Under who’s authority?

Apparently it was attended by well-known emergency responders, heads of hospitals from around the world, and hog/swine industry leaders that spoke at this summit.
Hog/swine industry leaders!? Are they fucking kidding us?

During this whole flu scare media has been running around reporting the slightest little pip about it, but not this conference... It is hard to find any information whatsoever. This is scary if anything, so if journalist really want to sell papers, this is the sort of thing I aspect them to cover. Oh my oh my...

Take your right back

Why these people and the rest of the enemy class have outlawed self-defence.

Oh, thank you kind sir

The so called “right-wing” party of Sweden, The Moderates (supposedly conservatives) is proposing a tax-cut of SEK 10 billion which is roughly to about £800 million. Although in the right direction, Sweden really need much lower taxes, this is a Pffff on top of a ‘who-cares’. Are they not nice wanting us to keep slightly more of our own money?

At the same time the Swedish government has a deficit of SEK 100 billion to cope with. In other words they need to cut spending with SEK 110 billion just to keep it even. Since this depression will keep going I would say at least the double is needed. An additional 90 billion in tax cuts and 110 billion cuts in expenditure would be sufficient for the coming years. The extra savings to cover lower incomes since more people will be unemployed. This I would say is doable before next years election and very much needed. If all local councils do the same and we finally get that stupid central bank to increase interest rates to a more secure 4-5% my birth nation would be much better equipped to handle the near future.

It also seems like the Swedish Government won't apologize or comment on the news article the Israeli idiots are complaining about. One good thing (the only one?) the current Swedish government has done. If they only could do a 180 with the fascist laws regarding internet (kind of rimes bad with the current discussion about freedom of speech) and listen to my economic advice, and Sweden would be the only country in the world heading in the right direction.

Climate change is real!

Yes, the headline is correct. Throughout history we have had several ice-ages and many millennia when it was warmer than today. So fact 1 is that we can say with absolut certainty that: our climate changes, it always has and it always will.

Throughout history there has also been higher and lower levels of carbon dioxide than today in the atmosphere, so this is fact 2.

Fact 3 is that it has been scientifically proven that the Sun plays the major roll in how the climate changes. Although scientist argue about if it is to a degree of 99,5% or 99,9%, there is no doubt and there is absolute consensus that the sun is the main culprit.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) is not only a bunch of scientists, its lots of bureaucrats, politicians and so on. And those scientists that sit on that panel are almost to 100% (I could not find any from the private sector) hired by and representing governments. They have also had several people that have left their mist - real scientist that is. On several key points they draw conclusions on faulty data. So this is fact 5.

I could go on for a very long time and point after point after point all the science, all the evidence and all facts are in 100% agreement; man-made global warming is a hoax. Even IF humans effect climate (and even this is not proven) the impact is so small, so minuscule that we could have 100 billion more people on this planet all burning fossil-fuel and they would still not effect climate more than a couple of average sized volcanoes erupting.

In other words, fact 6, and the only fact you need to know is; that there is no evidence for man-made global warming! Not a single one! Nada, zilch, zero, nil, zip, nothing. Every time a politician wants to raise your taxes (which is what this is about) call him on it, refuse to pay until facts have been laid on the table. And if he argues that mankind effect climate by a degee of 0,05% - which is highest number I have seen, most numbers are way lower – ask him/her what to do about the sun. Apparently the sun is trying to murder us all; we need to stop that beast. So until your politician comes up with a good solid attack plan how to utterly destroy or blot out the sun, you will know that he/she doesn’t care about you. If those in power wanted to save us from climate change and save the world; sunlight should be taxed; the Sun should be condemned in media, and the Sun should be UNs arch nemesis.

Don’t fall for the scam. This is history’s most absurd statement - even bigger than claiming that the earth is flat, that the moon is made out of cheese or that socialism actually can work. It’s a swindle of epic proportions and you are the one that are paying for it and will pay for it, because, as said, this is about money, tax money, nothing else.