Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The true face of our enemies - I

People still seem to be surprised, for some strange reason, every time a political scandal emerges. For many years I thought of this as a mystery, since to me, and many others, it was so obvious and self-explanatory. But about ten years ago, talking to my parents, it suddenly struck me; people actually believe that politics, politicians and the government always acts in a rational way. The general public is convinced that there are good purposes behind it all, no matter what the law or what public institution we are talking about. A notion that all members of the power elite is saying, doing and acting in a way that is rational. Please, all of you get it into your heads; there is nothing rational whatsoever about government, nothing rational about the very concept of government, not what they have done, are doing or will do. And in this aspect it does not really matter if it is a totalitarian autocracy or a democratic elected government, rationality does not figure into the equation. I know this first hand; a member of the political class couldn’t smell a rational thought if it was wrapped in rotting meat, thrust up a diarrheic monkey’s rear and then directly shoved up into the politicians nose. There are many examples of this from every country. In some cases it gets more apparent if females are banned from wearing pants, or if a totalitarian regime imposes total restriction of Internet. But what if your government started slow? Banning some clothes like certain uniforms or symbols and, regarding internet, put some higher taxes here and some restriction there and with some certain sites and words on-line being banned – would you comply? Yes you do, this is a reality in every country right now. And then it comes; the next law, the next exception, and the next substitute that also need to be restricted. And so it goes on and sooner or later you too, in your country, will live under the same authoritarian laws as those of totalitarian countries.

What people need to realize is that those in charge only have the following agenda; getting the highest possible number of votes and gaining more power and control. Everything they will ever do, say or propose will be with this as foundation.

So, there is no rationality within politics, but, of course, things are a lot worse than this. The perpetual evilness is oozing out of every embodiment of politics infecting everything from day-care centres to video games. From the moment we are born, we are controlled, monitored, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, inspected and labelled. During our entire lives, no matter in which country you live, we get the pleasure of being condemned, corrected and punished for “crimes” like eating or drinking whatever you want. All the time the government is cloaking its real pretext of power and control behind curtains of “the common good” and that oh so funny “Solidarity principle” - all men are created equal; some are just more equal then others. And when we finally get to die the government still needs every action or transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized and don’t think for a second you can be buried wherever and however you want, that’s the governments job to decide.

Maybe you think I’m overdoing it or that am one of those people with a tin-foil hat hiding from a giant squirrel. Maybe you agree to a certain extent but think this isn’t so bad. But if you are thinking one of these or other similar things about this post, considerer two things. Firstly; why is it that whenever something ends up in the claws of the government, it is a good idea, but hardly ever when it comes to your neighbour? Think about it. Would you let your neighbour search through your computer, tell you what TV-programs you should watch or what company you are supposed to buy electricity from? Do you trust that guy next door to such a degree that you have no problem letting him hold on to, collect and save all personal information, your entire families medical history and every time you have talked to him, sent him an email or whatnot, he keeps the logs and note it down together with the rest of the files that contains the entire life of you. Would you feel comfortable with that? If not, why the hell do you trust mindless drones at government’s entities all over, people you have never met, to do this very exact thing? Secondly; even if you are comfortable and even if a vast majority is comfortable being subjugated to endless probing and controlling, why should the rest need to live under the same scrutiny and duress? Can you really assure everyone that the majority (or yours) opinion is so much higher valued and better for all of us than that of the minority (or the rest)?

Some will argue that a certain control is necessary to prevent crimes. What crimes? Almost every law is aimed directly at what you can and cannot do with yourself and your own body. And I’m not talking about exchanging the rules with anarchy; I’m just talking common sense. Like the concept of “smuggling”. This is just a stupid little word taken over by the elitists in a scheme to hinder people from buying things in another country cheaper and bringing it back home. Why? Because the government does not want to lose the income. That is the only reason. Do not think for a second that they care about your wellbeing; it is about governments take in the deal. They need that percentage otherwise you are a criminal. And this is one thread throughout. Another thread is the “ethics of the many” that permits those above to outlaws drugs, guns, certain chemicals, pesticides or living arrangements that the “norm” disapproves of. Of course the government has no real interest in such notions other than winning votes. You can bet every penny and your very life that the day when a big number or even a majority of people wants to de-criminalize cocaine, many (most) political parties and politicians will change their “persuasion” and advocate the same. I don’t write “all” because as long as there are votes to be won on being anti-drugs, a couple of partiers and several politicians will take that standpoint. Laws is, in affect, a sticky web only the rich and powerful can manoeuvre, it is a hinder in the way of anyone with an idea or own notion and it is a fishing net in the hands of the government, haling in none-criminals and locking ‘em up in prisons the “criminals” themselves have paid for.

Sadly people everywhere continue to listen and continues to be harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked and imprisoned, and it is all thanks to a stupid feeling that government is rational and will do good things. Politics is not a friend, it is an enemy, always have been, and always will be, and this despite what colour or political party we are talking about. When you, the populace, finally realize this, we will finally have a peaceful world where people live in harmony with each other as well as their surroundings. I don’t think it will ever happen, because these enemies are not alone…

Can I have a burger please?

It is not that uncommon that trains run over wild animals or even domesticated beasts that end up on train tracks, but sometimes things get a little bit out of the ordinary. Apparently 14 cows were run over by a train outside the Swedish town Ljungskile. About ten survivors could be saved from this event. However, the story does not reveal if this was a case of Mad-Cow disease, and it is not clearly stated whether or not this was an accident or if the cows intentionally walked into the light...

However, the most interesting thing about this story I found in the sub-headline (conveniently shared between several papers…) saying: “Plötsligt stod en hel kohjord på spåret. Tågföraren hade inte en chans.” Which roughly translated means: ”Suddenly a whole herd of cattle’s was on the tracks. The driver didn’t stand a chance”.

Now, maybe I misunderstood something, but did the driver also die?

And is it just me, or do anyone else get really hungry reading about this?