Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mediocracy rules!

When I went to school I had calculated and finished a 8th grade math book in the 4th grade. Granted not really a genius, but some smartness at least and I did love math. Then someone told me I couldn’t do that and I needed to wait for the rest of the class so instead of improving my interest and skills in math, I started to doodle and throw things at girls.

I think most of you out there have similar stories and this is one from the Simpsons.

Mediocracy rules! No shit…

Fluffy recycling plant in the sky’s

There is lots of talk about politics in Sweden at the moment. One day the opposition is in the lead, the next the government is heading the polls. It have very little impact on the daily life whoever runs my home country, but apparently some people still thinks that there is a difference if taxes or laws changes with 1%. At the moment it is a good thing that there is a center-right government in Sweden because they are not really as inclined to waste all resources as the communists and the tree-huggers. In a world heading for a big fall one should be happy for the small tokens there is. Speaking of the tree-huggers or Environmental-party or “greens” or whatever the translation becomes, they have a very good policy every political party should adopt; their party leaders can only be in charge during a maximum of nine years then they get exchanged. Of course politicians should all get a trip to the giljotin and be sent to that fluffy recycling plant among the clouds, but if one really need politicians to rule it is much better if they don’t stay to long. A politician that really learns how to be a politician and really get to know all the rest of the enemy class is much more dangerous to the populace.

I don’t vote and haven’t voted since 2003 when I during a temporarily attack of insanity minced a ballot down the hole in front of some ugly old hag watching me and writing down my name so the government knows I voted. Since I was politically active in my earlier years I sort of felt the urge to vote, but it always left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Voting what should be done with mine and my neighbor’s money that gets stolen from us during gun-point feels like a Kafka novel, not like democracy. I always wondered why so many idiots on this planet feel it necessary to give away large chunks of their earnings and most of their life for others to decide over. Seems very strange. And it is even harder to understand why the same morons feel the need to use force and threats towards others that don’t want to do the same. Of course this sickening spectacle of madness is disguised behind the shroud of ‘democracy’, but still most people apparently have no problem whatsoever using weapons against the unarmed and innocent in order to force upon them beliefs and taxes. No wonder this world is so screwed up.

The other shoe

Those of you out there that loves Eurovision and maybe even thought this year’s entries is the highpoints of music, you might wanna avoid visiting: storminawineglass

"On stage is a 17-yearold with two orcs and some creepy blue creature that keeps groping and dry humping her. I'm watching from behind a cushion."