Monday, July 2, 2012

Boom time for rubber flip flop makers!

Government tools used on you. The one to the left is for females...

Who’d want to be free when we’ve great men like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Obama, Romney, Van Rompuy and all the rest of the warmongering thieving thugs to lead us? And for you having doubts; just follow the instructions, apply the lubrication as directed and relax, you’ll get to like it eventually. Worst case scenario; bit down on the pillow so you don’t scream too loud.

Ah, nothing like a huge rusty pipe shoved far into you inners isn´t it?

I am sure you agree with me on that one since you refuse to do anything else but to take it – and take it hard.

YOU are getting robbed. Right now. They are stealing our last earnings and either keeping it for themselves or handing it over to big banks. You know; the very same people that created The Greatest Depression and indebted us, our kids and grandkids into oblivion, are hording the last pockets of wealth while telling you to shut up and take the austerity pipe as far up as they can thrust it.

And you love them for it! Don´t you?

Sure you do. You keep voting them into office, you keep cheering them on, and every time they do something even close to what is right, you complain. The only conclusion one can draw is that you´re an idiot and you love getting robbed and raped by the high and mighty.

Well, you could make the argument that since journalists keep lying to us and pretty much every pundit out there (bought and paid for by the banks or government or both) also cheat and trick us into believing in fairytales, and so the general public can partly be excused. I somewhat agree with that notion, but since most of the stuff they try to sell us is so transparent and so dumb you should acknowledge reality regardless.

How can the answer to too high debts, too many regulations, too much money printed and too big governments in cahoots with big banks be much more of the very same? How can we put out a fire by pouring gallon after gallon of gasoline at it?

And the so called austerity measures they are either trying to sell you as the way out or that it is actually what is worsening our crisis. WTF!?

They are cutting our benefits and taking those loans and bail-outs and handing it over to themselves or back to the very banks that created the crisis and lend out the money in the first place! It’s a circle of debt, a circle or madness. And it’s so transparent!

They are not even cutting anything!! They say they do, journalists claim they do and Keynesians and socialists cry over it, but it’swrong – they haven’t slimmed down government, only transferred wealth and ownership to themselves or to the banks. Governments are growing stronger and getting bigger, not the opposite.

Looking around on the web I´ve seen a huge difference lately. Just a few years ago I needed to really search and really investigate to find people using their synapses. Today all I need to do is to find a news article allowing comments to find lots of people both pissed off and willing to see the light. People are starting to wake up. Too late yes, far too few still, but a revelation has occurred.

To us libertarians, to a few real economists and to a few others (even one or two socialists) that have been voicing our concern and warning for many years now it is encouraging to see that the rude awaking has started.

Of course we really need to crash, burn, get a worldwide fascist government and have totalitarian combat boots echoing down the street before a majority really understands what is happening, but still reading online and checking around it gets my hope up that somewhere, in the aftermath, after World War III, we may, as a species, both survive and thrive.

The most likely outcome however is that you will gladly accept the brown shirts or black shirts promises and bend over even more, but hey, at least there is a wee little hope for another world.

So… what should we be doing? How can we stop it?

Actually it’s very easy. You don´t haft to look at Iceland for a pretty good example of what we should do, all you need to do is to think a little. Use your reading ability and use basic arithmetic. If you do you will realize that it’s very, very simple and that the solution is just in front of us.

Not that we can avoid The Greatest Depression anymore, it’sno longer possible to keep that from happening. Which, coincidently, is one of the main reasons why many of those deemed better keep throwing the scams around; to postpone it so they can rob us as much as possible before it strikes.

They know that The Greatest Depression will happen soon - you can count on it.

But you see it also has to happen. The cure to our dilemma is not to try to avoid an unavoidable depression, it’s to embrace it. A worldwide financial meltdown isn´t just bound to happen, its good thing (or it can be). It will clear out the derivatives and all the toxic debts; it will purge our system from malinvestments and force both government and the people to live within their means. The Greatest Depression could be (although very unlikely) one of the best things that happen to mankind.

Why? Because it will teach us what not to do.

It will teach us that Fractional Reserve Banking is the devils work and that printing money and borrowing on the future is pure madness. It will teach us that Governments are in liege with the big banks and that GDP is a huge rip-off. It will teach us that Keynesianism and socialism doesn’t work and that applying fascist solutions to what does not work makes it even worse. It will teach us that you, the people, have been fooled and also acted and voted like complete idiots. 

Of course we´ve learned this lesson before and never got wiser from it and of course most of you will not see it this way, but my hope is that enough of you morons will awake to make an impact on a post-apocalyptic world.

Otherwise we are doomed. Fucked. Screwed. Beyond help.

What we should do to avoid the worst of the depression and cut it down in size and length is to apply the same tactic as the U.S. did during their worst economic crisis in their history, the crash of 1921. You probably never heard of it, but for a couple of years in the beginning of the 1920´s the economy looked worse and the losses was much bigger than during the depression of the 1930´s. What they did? The complete opposite of what they did during the 1930´s and the complete opposite of what they are doing today. They slashed government under a couple of years with 80 %(!!) and the FED increased interest rates. The result? It was over after less than 2 years. Inflation was gone. 
Malinvestments disappeared, and the debts after WW I was almost gone.

The situation facing us today is far worse and we are soaking in more problems, and it’s global, so of course the pain will be bigger and the fallout more excruciating, but still they showed us how to do it.

We do also have lots of criminals running around promoting and selling the scams that lead up to and keep increasing our dilemma. But look at Iceland. They cut government (really cut, no fake austerity) they lowered taxation (slightly) and the size of government and they prosecuted and jailed lots of banksters and politicians. They seized a few institutions and they refused to pay for the scams perpetrated by Dutch and English banks. They are already out on the other side, having probably the healthiest economy in the western world.

So that’s what we need to do.

We need to increase interest rates. Significantly. Best would of course be if the market set interest rates, but IF set by government (central banks) they should be raised up towards 15-20%. If that does not stop the excess money in the system, there should be a complete stop of money printing for many years, or rather; forever. 

We need to prosecute all the malicious banksters and politicians promoting and selling the frauds. There are hundreds, if not thousands, in each country who should go to jail. Not joking here, there are that many frauds, that many shadowy deals and that many that should be garroted. People need to be able to trust the system again and in order to make that happen; those responsible need to be locked up. 

All that fake debt must be flushed out of the system. The Greatest Depression will take care of most of that, but we also need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We do so by partly or fully get rid of the Fractional reserve system and by imposing a few, but clear, restrictions on handling, selling and issuing debt. IF keeping a central bank, it should be under government control, but preferably we should get rid of it completely.

We also need to let the insolvent zombie institutions, which are plentiful across the world, fail, crash and go into bankruptcy. If needed taken over by government, cut into smaller pieces and then sold or given back to the market again.

We need to cut down government. Significantly. Most governments should be cut down with 50% or more. Best results would come from cutting out government almost completely, but I realize that isn´t doable and won’t be accepted by most, but at least we can reduce government. A lot.

And finally we need to throw out most laws. I would argue that we should burn all law books and throw out all the regulations and start anew. We need a transparent and clear system of laws and regulations. There should be few of them and they should be very restrictive towards government and central banks (if we keep them around). Think “the American constitution” with minor adjustments, and you understand what I mean.

That’s what we need to do.

Most of you reading this with a small inkling of economics will probably argue that if we do this now it will crash the system and we´ll really enter the Greatest Depression. And yes - exactly. You would be correct. But if we do it we will have perhaps 3-4-5 years of downturns. GDP will go down about 20% the first year and 4-5% during a couple of more years, but then it would be over. We would come out on the other side stronger and more resilient than ever and if implemented above actions we would make damn sure that there would be no more depressions. 6-7 years from now the economy would have improved so much that we will start forgetting what happen.

That situation, where we deliberately crash the system and purge it, you need to compere to what we´re doing now; building upon it, worsening it, and waiting for the system to implode on itself. That will be far, far, far worse and will not just lead to a complete crash, life as we know it will come to an abrupt end.

Even worse, there is no end to it. As things look now, there is no out, no end in sight, the abyss is so deep that we won´t stop falling.

If we let the system crash by itself while our masters of destruction keep increasing the problems, oh you cannot imagine what waits. It will be so horrible and lead to so much that nothing you´ve seen in the movies will begin to describe it. And in this scenario we´re not talking about a few years, we´re talking decades.

That’s our choice and that’s what you need to think about.

Either keep being an idiot or wake up and smell the apocalypse.

Me, I am still doing this;

It’s very exciting! I hope Bernanke doesn’t go into that house built on an Indian burial ground where all those kids got slaughters…

…oh, and I am buying rubber flip flops. Never know when those come in handy!